Benchmarking Freighters

So I wanted to work out what freighters are best on short haul but are bigger than a 757, here are some results:

767-300F (winglets) new | LUX MAD - 55% | LUX CDG - 45% |
777-200F new | LUX MAD - 56% | LUX CDG - 47% |
747-8F new | LUX MAD - 57% | LUX CDG - 44% |
747-400F used | LUX MAD - 57% | LUX CDG - 33% |
A300F used | LUX MAD - 43% | LUX CDG - 31% |
A310F used | LUX MAD - ()% | LUX CDG - 30% |
A330-200F payload new | LUX MAD - 56% | LUX CDG - 45% |


I use African Maintenance. The exact margins will depend on your pricing but this allows you to compare different aircraft. For used aircraft I chose the most expensive lease option.

Main observations:
A330-200F Payload = 767-300F (winglets) on short haul
747-8F > 747-400F on very short haul (<1.5hr)
Classic Airbuses aren’t worth getting.
All Boeing freighters are solid choices.

I will update this in future as I benchmark the MD-11 and perhaps the 737-700C and 757 for comparison.

Can you be more specific on how the margins were recorded?

I went to each route (LUX-MAD, LUX-CDG) and recorded the margin shown by AS from a full flight through the A/C flights page.

At default pricing? No IL, or connections?

Pricing is +20%. But that’s not relevant, because this is to compare airliners with each other. Same goes for IL and connections (even though those costs are negligible). They’re the same per CU for each aircraft.