Benefit of buying used planes

I have been noticing that used planes on the market are even more expensive than new planes. If so, what’s the benefit of buying used planes? And why a used plane can be more expensive than a new one? In reality it’s never going to happen.

The used aircraft market (UAM) is has a basic simulation of demand pricing. Simple version…the aircraft first arrives on the UAM at the highest price possible, and then the price decreases the longer its on the market. The benefit of (I assume leasing generally) getting an aircraft from the UAM is they are available in 1 hours time, not 30 days time (if you’ve ordered 30 odd aircraft).

There’s a 5% surcharge when selling or leasing on the used market ( i.e. the seller pays 5% more than what the buyer gets). So at first a used plane may be more expensive than new, but price will keep lowering if no one bids on it.

It’s not worth it for most players, if you are playing on a relatively new world where only modern aircraft are available. Used planes are better for worlds that have a specific focus on them or for more advanced players with quickly growing airlines.

Buying planes, whether it’s used or new, will allow you to loan some money from bank.