Benoist, a new private game world

Benoist is a new private server starting in June. The server has a new set of rules to improve competition and keep the game world interesting, competitive and growing for a long time.

We’re already with 14 players and have room for more.

To find our discord:

And you can also message me in a DM.

The main differentiating rule set of Benoist revolves around the concept that it costs points to get traffic rights. Players are still able to build up massive airlines in the countries of their choice, and yet, because big countries like the USA and China are more expensive than small countries like the Maldives, players have a reason to open airlines in smaller countries.

To maintain progression over time and prevent saturation of the world within a short few months the demand of the world and the ability to open many new airline are reduced in a way that allows for an engaging experience from the start and still a lot of potential to be unlocked later on.

For a list of specific rules:

  1. Traffic Rights

1.1a. At the start of the server every player will get 450 points to spend on traffic rights
1.1b. After every month the points total will be increased by 100 points
1.1c. The points total will be maximized at 1650 points
1.1d. Every new player that joins after the server started will get the points amount equal to that of the other players

1.2a A player spends points on traffic rights for a specific holding
1.2b Once a player has the traffic rights to a specific country for a specific country there is no limitation for the type and number of airlines the player creates that make use of those traffic rights
1.2c Cargo airlines specifically are limited to the traffic rights of countries owned by the holding it falls under. If the player opens cargo routes outside of those traffic rights the holding automatically incurs the cost of world cargo airlines.

1.3 Every holding costs an additional 50 points. This is compensation for the fact that a player has additional funding and more capacity for new aircraft production with an additional holding.

1.4 The traffic right costs for each country or region can be found in the table below.

  1. Airline names

2.1a Both the use of real and fictional names of airlines are allowed
2.1b Players choosing fictional names of airlines are advised to take fair consideration of the believability of the airline and should include a logo for the airline

2.2 Rebranding of the airline is allowed with the approval of the administration. But be advised that not all aspects of an airline can be rebranded like the 2/3-lettre airline code.

  1. Holdings and subsidiaries

3.1 A player is not limited to a certain number of subsidiaries. However, in accordance to paragraph 1 a player is limited to a maximum number of countries it can have traffic rights to. This does indirectly limit the number of subsidiaries.
3.2 A player can open subsidiaries in any part of the world, regardless of the country the holding is registered to.

  1. Right of flight

4.1a Airlines get the normal rights of flight as implemented by AS with a few exceptions mentioned in paragraph 4.2
4.1b The rights of flight are managed in the way described by section 1, in which a player purchase traffic rights with points
4.1c The normal rights of flight are the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th freedom of the air

4.2a In accordance with standard AS rules, airlines in some countries in Africa can use the 5th freedom allowed by the Yamoussoukro Decision
4.2b In accordance with standard AS rules, airlines in some countries in Central- and South-America can use the 5th freedom allowed by CARICOM
4.2c The use of the Oceanian Open Skies Treaty is not allowed. Airlines in either New Zealand or Australia are not allowed to perform flights in the other country with the use of the 5th, 7th and 8th freedom granted by this treaty.
4.2d For airlines to use the EU Treaty they have to be LCCs (low Cost Carriers) and they have to spend points on the European Union Traffic Rights (the amount can be found in the table with Section 1). Other airlines are not allowed to use the 5th, 7th and 8th freedom of the air granted by the EU Treaty

The setting of the game world will be:

  • Single slots
  • No night time bans
  • 40% demand at start and increasing over time

The price to join is €18 per month

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We’re currently at 15 players. So, there is still room for more players. If interested, visit the discord channel or contact me directly.

i am interested in joining your game world

Do you have discord? Thats the best way to communicate as there is a discord server specifically for Benoist. There is still space available.

The Discord server link is invalid… Is there any other way to join?

The link seems to work again after I replaced it with a new one, but if it’s not working for you send me a pm.

Hello i´m intrestet to join your server!
Icant join your Discord server

For those who want to join, we’re already with 23 players, so not much room left. Please get on discord and all can be arranged to join the server.

Is it full now bc I want to join

Hey is there any room in the server tried the discord link and it does not work thanks :slight_smile:

Yes there is room. For some reason the discord link keeps becoming unusable after some time. This link should work now:

I hope this link will work Benoist

Hey, is there still space?