Berlin new airport (BER)

In June next year the new Berlin airport will be operational. Will we see it also here? And if so, it will also be a merge of the present two airpots in Berlin?

and not forgetting the new Kunming Changshui International Airport which will replace the existing airport. This was due before the end of 2011.



Are scheduled flights operating out of Schönefeld going to be working or will the new one replace it?

question get no answer :mellow:

are there some news?

No news yet, but you will see soon why ;)

i think i know why :D

Similar problem to Quito in october…

I have a guess also.

Hi there,

Not sure if this issue has already been solved somewhere else, but I couldn’t find it. What will happen with the current Berlin airports in the game once they are shut down in reality? Will any kind of transfer to the new BER he done automatically?

I think it is hard to automatically move all flights to new airport in existing server. what about different position of the new airport caused different travel time? What about the difference of runway length and transfer time? I would screw up so many things. I believe new airport only pop up in the new server, not old ones.

Agree, but just wanted to check if this is something AS team has decided yet… There is a risk in developing business in Berlin until this is clarified.

That’s a year (at least) until it opens. There are discussion in all variaties - and I’m not sure if we already made a decission and how it looked like.

We’ll see then. Thnaks ahyway.