Best Cheap Short Range Props?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently building an airline in Devau based on offering high-frequency mid-range flights operated on older MD-81s and 737-500s. Right now, I can lease five MD-81s for the price of leasing one Q400, so my strategy is to build up my network using these jets and then as I build up cash to slowly replace them with 737-700s and -900s. The only big gap I have right now is that I have a lot of mid-range capacity but the economics of flights under 750km or so don’t work out. I’ve played with the type evaluation and can’t seem to find anything that offers a good return without running 95% load factor on every flight. Even the Q400, while more profitable than other props, doesn’t seem to cut it.

Can someone suggest a good, cheap (hopefully under AS$25,000/installment lease) prop or small jet that could fit such a need for routes like HOU-AUS, HOU-DFW, FLL-MCO, FLL-JAX, etc? There are a lot of good airports that could use more service to my hub and connecting network if I can find the right equipment to run on it :)


Hi there,

Havent looked at it a lot, but what about the LET 410UVP’s?

Very small a/c though!

I find the Q200 to be a good short ranger. Although there are many things to consider. For example, should you want to schedule cargo flights in the future it may pay to go for the ATR family. This way you will save on a Maintenance group in the future.

Making maximum profit is not always the best answer, try to find a type that will give you more options for different types of route. The DHC8 series are ideal for this with a good few different options and all in 1 category.

Dash 400 seems the best production aircraft IMO. Maybe you can get a better ROI with older non-production aircraft.

Dash 400 is the best in the game although in real live the Fokker should do as well and the ATR also. But in game the Dash is better