Best longhaul plane for start

Whats your choice? I think A319LR might be good but i dont have them on used market :c

are you a new startup? In which case there is no good choice

i am
a new startup…

If you are already established, lets say with over 80-90 planes, as that is usually when i start considering long-haul routes if i have flown to all possible good regional destinations, then i suggest the 737-900HGW. It flies with almost a full load up to 7000km and is very profitable, at least it was for me (got me $38,000 profit a flight from CMN-YUL when it wasn’t even full).

However, for better analysis you would probably need to tell us your starting location, server and airline name just so we can see what would suit you.

Cunways Stapleton based cancun

Ok so then the last thing you want to be doing is going long haul, you will regret it. For Mexico concentrate on Domestic flights initially, and then slowly build up close US and C.America routes.

Really depends on what you want to achieve.

I have made good experience with the following:

  • test with a319LR enhanced. very good demand indicator, even though not very profitable.
  • switch to a320 neo
  • switch to a321LR
  • if demand allows switch to a350-900

that principle works out well and you reduce risk. a319LR also works good for low demand routes with limited competition.



Don’t start anything above 3000 km until you have a massive network at your hub to supply the needed passengers. Or you’ll just be dumping money into the sea.

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Which was suggested and discussed many times before. A search here in the forum woule help.
Massive network means that you have more than 1500 departures from your hub. Better 2500. As ianmanson was already suggesting, fly domestic only in Mexico and ignore longhaul flights. Demand in Mexico is huuuge.

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I agree with highscore, dont go long haul! If you do, dont get the A319LR, it’s to small and too expensive. Just an A319 flight wont even cover an IL cost. After you have a couple thousand domestic departures go right ahead and get a 787 or A350 (preferably 7 for easier scheduling) and fly to Europe. The rest of the Americas can be covered by narrow bodies such as A220, 737, A320N, etc. If you want the cheaper way get used A330, 767 and 737ER.

For Mexico dont go long haul but other places like Barbados then long haul is very good. I had about 50 737-900ERs flying to Europe making over 30k per flight and just 15 planes for regional feed (which where loosing money).

…thinking… Why 7 planes?

Not from a profit perspective, though that’s seriously good too…

I have a sentimental love of MD, long and short-haul.

As an aside…
I once had to fly from Rome to Naples - a short flight - in an Alaitalia MD80. As a private pilot myself, I noticed things that other passengers didn’t. I reckon the pilot of this flight was ex-airforce. He advised that the traffic at Naples was close and his circuit would be tight. (I forget his actual words.) It was very tight! I reckon he was still turning as the landing gear touched down, the nose-wheel still in the air. I was super-impressed at his brilliant landing.

Makes scheduling easier. You have flight A on Monday on plane 1,on Tuesday on plane 2 etc.