Best server for newbies!

Hi you all!,

I,m new to this great game and i,m wondering what the best server is to start as an beginner? I am reading some post trough out this forum but i think that the topics i ran into are quite old.


Jim :slight_smile:

Hi Jim,

I’d currently suggest the Otto VII game world for you, as it’s still a new game world (launched only 5 days ago) and should therefore be easy enough to start and learn all the basics.
If you’re stuck somewhere and got questions, I also recommend visiting our Discord channel.

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Thanks for the reply! this is a great help. I will join Otto VII and Discord offcourse.

Thanks again.

…and in case you want to to some reading first, I can still recommend this guide here on the fourms: AS for beginners - an attempted blog

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Thank you i have start reading allready! Great resource :pray:t2:

You could also consider a private server, usually they have less competition and people will be very willing to help.

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Thanks for the tip Pinto

Do you need to be invited on private servers or do i need to make one myself?

I also wrote a kind of tutorial and tried to explain quite a bit the strategy for starting into the game. Have a look at AS Route Map | An introduction into AirlineSim


If you want too join a private server let me know.

You want to join London? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes i know! very useful