Billing Days

Hey AS Community,

Nalu Air (NU) has another issue - billing cycles. Every Tuesday, I get the bill for 650K in leasing costs. I'd like to spread that out into different days, as to minimize the damage to my financial ratings and to ensure that my cash reserve doesn't dip too low. I see two options:

1. slowly lease new aircraft, then return the old aircraft (more time-consuming, requires more capital for now)

2. with expansion, ensure all new leasing costs are on different days (takes more time, doesn't resolve issue immediately)

Which one is better? Are there any better answers?



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I think you'll find you aircraft lease bills will naturally spread through out the week, since you'll have money to order planes at at times when you aren't paying bills.  IN addition, knowing about how much cash you'll take in over a 24 hour period is good to know when making finnancial plans.  Check your bank account at a given time i nthe day and then again 24 hours later, taking into account any lease payments due during that time.  

Just expand and the problem will solve itself :).