Black Friday

How are you guys doing with Black Friday? Most deals have been released here in Sweden and absolutely nothing has goods deals (deals that aren't achieved otherwise). Is it the same for you?

A worldwide rip-off.

Been watching minimalist Matt D'Avella. No black Friday for me. :)

The only deal which would make sense: AS credits for 33%. :D

So some deals have been shaping up. Huawei (all options MateBook X Pro for 1650€ and M5 10.8 for 300€) and Samsung (S8 for 400€ and S9 for 520€), deals have gotten pretty good so I bought a M5 for my mum. There are also some good TV, Speaker and component deals but nothing to brag about.  Though LEGO deals have been fantastic with Toys R Us having 60% off and as most others price match so those prices can be found everywhere. Otherwise, clothes and most "normal" things barely have discounts.

@uzkt01 I get your point but if these are things you buy anyway then why not spend less on them? I personally don't at all like the shopping rush at black Friday. Some shoppers just buy anything that's in their way as for example when I went buying my LEGO today (some for my self but most as Christmas gifts) a deal which was just about 10% off (obviously marketed differently) was selling like butter while the actual 50% - 60% off deals where barely touched.

The AS deal might make me buy some credits again, who knows? :D

Like buy 1500 credits, get 500 for free :-)