Boeing 767-200ER unprofitbale??

I have noticed and tried every possible route available to me but can’t seem to make the B767-200ER profitable at 100% route prices, even when the load factor is 100% - this is a sad reality! I do wonder if this does infact reflects reality (in my opinion, it doesn’t!). In reality, B767-200 is one of the most popular wide body aircraft becos of its inherent low operational cost compared to other wide -bodies. Somehow, something is amiss in the game which makes it a very unprofitable aircraft! Any suggestions and comments are welcomed!

i can not promise you, because i’ve not tried all widebodies, but

at my experience you can’t operate any widebody here with 100% prices profitabel

At 100% route prices… many planes, not just widebodies are unprofitable and more if they’re leased…

But one rule of this simulation is: You can not compare price with price! ;)

I don’t think the 767-200 in the real world was that much of a sucess… most of the orders or the vast majority are for the 300 variant for the same reason. I did own a 767-200, and did not make any profit, the fuel prices are hurting so much, that you need more pax to offset and the 300 does it very efficiently and makes the profit you need.

IF there is enough demand…

200ER is higher cost than 400ER in long range. You can go to evaluation to compare yourself.


I thin that 300ER is more profitable. It can trasnsport more passengers, with the same operacional costs.

The 767-300ER has higher overall costs than the -200ER. Costs per seat are significantly lower.

So the 767-200ER can be an option for…

a ) long-haul routes with relatively low demand

b ) routes that require a range of more than 10.500 km, if you do not want to introduce another maintenance category.