Boeing 767-400 vs Boeing 787-800

Hi all,

I am currently evaluating a widebody order and used the aircraft evaluation tool as well as the performance tool.

The Boeing 767-400 is not very popular in the real world but comparing this type with the Boeing 787 I see significant advantages. I am not quite sure if the “real world” Boeing 767-400 vs Boeing 787-8 can be stand this discussion but when looking at the facts below I’d rather buy the Boeing 767-400 for routes up to 10 hours.

When comparing both aircraft on two routes I see the following:


Advantage Boeing 767-400 …

Boeing 767-400 :

Boeing 787-8 :

Another route DXB-LHR:

Boeing 767-400 :

Boeing 787-8 :

While the Boeing 787 is significantly faster and fees are lower I must say that I think the Boeing 767-400 is the better performer on these routes. The payload penalties on DXB-NRT are neglectable because with a premium seating configuration 100% load is not required on DXB-NRT sector.

Looking at the fuel required it becomes obvious that the Boeing 787 consumes about 1 Tonne extra on the shorter flight for example.

Am I missing something or would you agree that the Boeing 767-400 is the better choice?

On another note can anybody explain the significant fuel usage difference between the aircraft evaluation tool and the performance tool? 45 Tons vs 75 Tons !?

Thanks for inputs

The differences in cargo capacity are also worth mentioning. I’ve been replacing my 763s with 787s but I’m going to leave the 764s alone.

This really depends on what routes you want to fly.

If you want the 6-7 hour flights, then the 767 will do well. But if you want the flexibility to fly 12-14hour flights aswell with one fleet type, 787 is better option. The 767 has a limited range but depending on your hub this might not be an issue. For example, 767 can not make a good SIN to europe hop. 787 will do better. But if your hub is jfk, well then a 767 will fly everywhere that you need. A300-600 makes excellent money aswell.

What you have to remember is that every aircraft type after 3 causes an increase in maintenance costs. So while it might make sense to use the 764 on shorter routes, the maintenance cost savings of having just 788’s might outstrip the additional costs of the aircraft on shorter routes.

I’ve been adding 767’s as long haul planes recently. The 764 is a dream. But I’m reconsidering adding the 767-300ER’s - the margin is about half that of the 764 for some reason. But I still think they’re the best choice mainly due to cost and ease of access on the markets at the moment.

The fuel consumption of the B787 is off here. It should use around 20% less then the 763ER/764ER according to the Boeing data.

As operator of both types, I agree with you: compared on a 10-hours-trip the 767-400 is better; I can highly recommend this plane!

On the other hand the 787 has two advantages: Longer range, and shorter round trips due to faster turnarounds and cruising speed. For me this are the reasons for replacing my 767-400 fleet by 787. But if you have neither long-haul flights over 10 hours, nor short shuttle routes where every minute matters, the 767-400 is a great choice (at least in AS…)