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I run the airline BensenJet, flying one Boeing 777-300ER in a 510-seat all-economy layout in a shuttle between JFK and LHR. Right now, I only have 7 out of 510 seats (1%) booked for a flight tomorrow. How do I get more bookings?
Please help!



Where to start…well first you are flying a very long distance using extremely poor quality seats. In the current version of this game bookings are more prone to fly on aircraft with higher quality and better service than on airlines with cheap seats and low prices. I would suggest you read this AS for beginners - an attempted blog

It provides a high level overview of creating a starting airline.

Just some random advice from my own experience - don’t try to fly international long range flights on day one. Nor pick widebody jumbos - you simply will not fill them and you will get frustrated fast. Airlines need to build from their domestic market then branch out in to international - long range - widebody aircraft.

That blog will hopefully point you in a good direction and give you some idea of how to start. In your case I would suggest you restart and choose a different starting location - unless JFK is 60% or higher slot availabliity and dont start long range international routes - start domestic 2500km or less - pick decent seats (check the ratings) and ensure you have a decent on board service. Once you get going check your ORS - vs other airlines and see if there are things you can improve or change.

Lastly be not afraid to restart :slight_smile: Most people who have played this game for years have started and restarted many times over - it is how you learn what works best.

One more thing - welcome :smile:

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Thanks for the explanation