Brasil eXpress Public Offering


[/center][center][center][i][b][size="4"]Be the integral part of the next big thing taking shape in South America.[/size]

[color="#000080"][size="5"]Invest [/size][size="5"]wisely[/size][size="5"], Invest in Brazil eXpress[/size][/color][/b][/i][/center][/center][center][center] [/center][/center] Facts and figures:

  • Mother Company: BAI AERO
  • HUB: Sao Paulo Guarulhos
  • Fleet:[list]
  • 4 Bombardier Dash8-Q400A (1.7 years)
  • 6 Bombardier Dash8-Q400B (1.9 years)
  • 2 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 (22.5 years)

[*][acronym=‘Average Fleet Age’]AFA[/acronym]:

  • 5.3 Years


  • Airports Served:[list]
  • 25 (+56.25% [acronym=‘Increase Compared to Last Week’]ICLW[/acronym])

[*]Operated Flights:

  • 476 (+78.95% [acronym=‘Increase Compared to Last Week’]ICLW[/acronym])

[*]Total Revenue:

  • 5 474 606 (+56.38% [acronym=‘Increase Compared to Last Week’]ICLW[/acronym])

[*][acronym=‘Seat Load Factor’]SLF[/acronym]:

  • 95.3%



  • Last two weeks average profit: 1 686 997 (19% Profit Margin)



Where will your money go?

First of all, all the management is going to have a lavish party in the air, celebrating their venture. Leftover money will be spent to buy additional Bombardier Dash8-Q400 aircraft to increase capacity in most overbooked routes. [acronym=‘Chief Financial Officer’]CFO[/acronym] optimistically hopes that raised money will allow the company to buy 6 or 7 new airplanes, nearly doubling the capacity of our routes.

[center] [/center][center][center] [/center][/center]


Change is in the air? But that’s Bombardier’s slogan in CSeries ads!

Really? By any chance is it a trademark?

The success of Brazil eXpress was staggering, our IPO was actually oversubscribed (>300%) and it helped us to raise more than 7 millions.

Management and Staff of Brazil Express extends big "Thank You" to the airlines and people, who have trusted us, trusted our future and backed that future with buckets of money, so to say.

Therefore, we send 649 thank yous to:

  • flydrk of Yes We Can
  • FabianCR of Vacheron SE Group S.A.
  • striker of North American Equity
  • daniele81 of Fly Holding
  • Rando of Ruge Air Spain
  • RoyalWelsh of BP Holdings Limited and Fly Atlanticric
  • ardosoares of Fly Portugal

Updates on how raised money is spent, plus further announcements will be posted regularly in Brazil eXpress Feed (Check forums)

Share price fell to 126.68, which, according to a computer in Berlin is the "right" price.

Just the short note to stockholders - we will regain the correct price in no time :)