British Middle International NEWS ROOM:

Welcome aboard the British Middle International's machines.
we are the leading British company in comfort, try, among other things, our bussiness class with full flat beds which can be leaned back so you get a perfect sleep.
or our economy class of world standard.
We operate currently has a fleet of 1 Airbus A319LR aircraft serving New York John F Kennedy daily and Billund in a single morning rotation.
Our remaining fleet consists of Bombardier's all-new CS100 machinery we currently owns 5 of the serving our remaining destinations.
If you are a member of BMI bonus programs, you also get access to our exclusive lounges.
They are recognized only to JFK to LHR.
There will later be opened lounges at several places in the world.
Additionally, we offer free bus service from the center and out to the airport for our World-Basic bonus program AND up.
For people without the bonus program offered also by bus, but it is in acquisition for 30GBP
We offer in addition to all this, a global network in the form of Star Team alliance which we are a leading member of.
We hope to see you on board our machines.
Best regards Andrew CEO of BMI:
We operate this destinations, ALL have daily departs.
Aalborg (New Destination in the BMI Network)
Billund (2x Daily).
Budapest (Are now closet and overtaket by FlyCoral)
Copenhagen (more Capacity, 2 Daily)
Edinburgh (New destination in the BMI network with 3 daily departures from start)
Göteborg (Are now closet and overtaket by Gothenburg Air)
Milano Linate (Will go up to 2 daily with the next aircraft)
New York JFK
Rome FCO
Sarajevo (Daily planes are save before more passengers travel that route.)

Nice name and brand you got there but I really miss this blue livery especially as I quite dislike BA ;). 


Today here in BMI, we have reached a milestone on 9 Bombardier CS 100 machines.
Our airbus A319 is of fallowing because only one aircraft type is more profitable in our world.
We would also add that we have more unserved destinations to and from LHR, including Aalborg and Ljubriana
Also, we also passed the Interior, we serve Edinburgh 3 times daily.
The next aircraft will Linate go up to 2 daily, and Brno in the Czech Republic opened.
In addition, we are considering to go to Oslo with 2 daily.


We here in BMI are proud to inform that we open up to 2 new North American destinations!

And Brno to here in Europe.

One is Providence that will be operated on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Providence is the capital of the state of Rhode Island, which fits perfectly in our strategy to use medium size airports and unserved destinations from LHR, as Providence has not yet direct connections to LHR.

In addition, our alliance partners American Air and Air Guardia good flight connections to their respective HUBs in New York and Chicago from Providence.

Guardia Air operate 2 daily while we adapt to the schedule ALSO fit the Air American's daily connection.

In addition, we now offer departures Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to St Johns in Canada.

St John is a WHOLE NEW destination in Star Team network that connects the whole world, and we will offer direct flights to London Heathrow three times a week, as the only current company.

We will try to get same way vopres alliance partner YEG airlines to connecte our flights to its hub in Edmonton where he has a BIG network to the rest of Canada.

We hope people will be happy for the new service as BMI will be able to offer!

The three new routes will equally like all other routes will be served by our Bombardier CS 100 top modern aircraft.

Travelling Safely and loud, arise with BMI.

I suggest you rethink those small long haul destinations. If you had a huge partner there I wouldn't say it but having the alliances first flight to the destination be a long haul flight is not a smart idea. I also suggest you rethink your network and fly a lot more to Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium and domestic. Airlinesim is all about connections. 

Hi :-).
Regarding my route network, then ALL of my routes filled on all flights, and I have a nice profit by approximately 2-3 new flights per week.
My long-distance approach is to ujeg fly to cities where I have alliance partners, which either opens routes to their great HUBS from my destinations.
or that I fly several times a day to major cities.
my little CS 100 filled up all the time, and is thus more lucrative than half filled A330 example.
But I can see that it might be an idea to open a little to Belgium and Holland.



BMI open more domestic routes!

BMI is obtained 2 new Comac aircraft that we will use ONLY on new domestic routes.

The aircraft will be deployed on routes to Aberdeen, Glasgow and Belfast to be two daily flights.

In addition, we are running a trial where we will in future also be open for BAR 3 airports exclusively with Embraer planes, but there will be about 2 weeks time.

But false starts, however, the trial with a daily flight to Vagar on the Faroe Islands with one of our Embraer machines.

We hope you will like this.

The aircraft will be equipped with 40 seats in Economy and 10 in bussiness.



British Middle Internation launch now Baltimore daily with a CS 100 Bombardier plane.


We have just received our A330s, and this means we have had to make some rearrangements in outlets around the fleet to adapt to New York and London (which was served by a CS 100 aircraft) still retained its sailings.
Billund now operated by another CS 100 aircraft, JFK now operated by the new A330.
In addition, as is Bergen been moved from morning departure for the afternoon departure, that we hope will be a better business.
NB NB NB, what about the aircraft previously flew JFK ??
This aircraft operating still JFK, but NOW the evening / night departure, and this means that we now have not just one, but all two daily flights between Britain and "The Big Apple", the plane flew past to Billund before it flew JFK, but Billund exit is somsagt been moved to another flight and Bergen which was operated by another aircraft has been added just this plane to get things to stick together.
Billund - new aircraft - the same flight, the plane is replaced with the previously operated into Bergen morning
Bergen - New aircraft, new departure time, the aircraft that were used at Bergen in the morning before. Operate now in London tomorrow
the plane is the same as serving JFK evening
JFK - CS 100 aircraft previously operated the daily flight to JFK has been replaced with one A330-200, the aircraft before used the departures are put into a COMPLETELY new JFK evening departure
The morning departure that officers Billund is replaced with the flight previously operated into Bergen morning.
We hope that you will consider the new departures as positive, and still using us as your preferred airline.
BMI - We love Travelers
We in BMI are here today 24/4 2017 got into 2 hard markets, having opened Paris CDG and Amsterdam !!
Amsterdam and Paris CDG is flown twice a day, while we also have other delicious news for you.
We have just announced that we also open at Poznan and Wroclaw in Poland!
This is delicious news for all our Eastern European travelers who now have easier to get home.
In addition, we have also made some smoking changes on some departures, including Sarajevo, which has now moved from an early morning departure to being served at noon.
Rome has also smoked on 2 daily flights, so Zurich has also arrived at 2 daily.
In addition, we have opened a lounge in Zurich Airport, where we will also offer bus transfers to and from the airport in the future.
We hope you will receive our new news with kisses.
BMI - Fly Safety and Happy.
We have also opened a new base in Edinburgh that will be used to boost busy LHR routes.
Edinburgh The base will be served with Comac flights that have previously been stationed in LHR.


After a little time idle because health problems in the real world.

So are we back in ASIM.

We have today launch Groningen daily service, Cean daily.

AND Newquay 2 daily service.

We in BMI are now VERY happy to announce that we now have over 500 weekly flights to and from London Heathrow!
And at our base in Edinburgh we are also the second largest operator with over 100 weekly departures!
Besides this is fantastic, there are also little route news.
Last week we opened a daily route served with our amazing CS 100 aircraft to Toronto Canada where there are formidable connections to our partner YEG Airlines.
In addition to Toronto, we have also opened a route to Europe's financial hideaway in the form of Luxembourgh.
We have the opportunity of this milestone, our prices marked MARKANT on our latest opened routes in the form of Toronto, Luxembourg, Lisbon (From EDI Turn Return) and LHR (From EDI Turn Return).
In addition to this, we also opened a route between our hub in Edinburgh a route to Lisbon, l which is a beautiful alternative to LHR.
In addition to this, we have also added more capacity between Edinburgh and LHR.
Fly Happy, Fly BMI.

Where's Luxembourgh? 

Where's Luxembourgh? 

No need to make fun of someone who does not have English as their primary language for not writing one "h". Have you learned about decency to other people? Most of us including myself dont have English as our primary language and do pretty well. I could completely humiliate you if you ever tried using either Swedish or Romanian (my primary languages) but out of common decency I wont, and please dont do it to others. 

Sorry Erobran for disrupting your topic. 


Because we've got another ATR 42 aircraft, we have now chosen to announce Jersey, and Isle Of Man
As something NEW, we have also launched a SPRIT new route from Jersey to London City Airport.
We have done this because our base in LCY would like to grow, even with the addition of this aircraft, and that we already have a lot of domestic routes from our HUB in LHR, so a route to another of our 3 hubs could be obvious.
Fly BMI - Fly Happy
We in BMI are now happy to announce that we have started a New York service from Edinburgh
This has been due to increasing demand for long-haul from our fantastic service and, as we already have 2 daily departures from LHR to JFK and many of our passengers are transfer passengers, management has decided to strengthen our HUB in Edinburgh with this amazing opportunity.
The extra capacity that was on the plane has been posted on a SEN evening departure from Edinburgh to LHR, and returning to Edinburgh from LHR at 6:30 in order to meet the demand for peak hours traveling between London and Edinburgh.
Remember, you can still sign up for our bonus programs that give you great benefits.
Fly with BMI and fly Happy




Bmi Opens to Halifax!

We will operate daily, and give good connections to our alliance partner YEG Airlines.

We also open open Dublin for 3 daily departure.

This route will be operated daily with a CS 100.


BMI open Toronto from Edinburgh!

We open Toronto to Edinburgh before a Edinburgh are the second HUB for us, and Toronto are the next biggest HUB for our partner YEG airlines.

We will operate daily.


We have also open Dublin from Edinburgh daily service.

Fly BMI and fly Happy in the sky.



BMI launch Hartford(4 weekly) AND London(3 weekly)!

We will operate the routes with a CS 100, and we will give verry good connection to our partner YEG Airlines, AND Guardia air.

We open also Belfast City daily.

We have today opened Oban, and Donegal from LHR.

And Donegal from LCY