British Skies

A new airline offering flights around Europe and soon the world.

British Skies started with a fleet of 7 aircraft. 5 ATR-72-500s and 2 Boeing 737-700 BGWs. Each offering 2 classes of service. Our hub at London Gatwick serves well for frequent flights with good service.

Our current destinations include.

Amsterdam: Daily

Copenhagen: Daily

Cork: Double Daily

Dublin: 4 times a day

Edinburgh: 4 times a day

Frankfurt: Daily

Glasgow: 4 times a day

Jersey: 3 times a day

La Rochelle: 2 times a week.

Manchester: 5 times a day

Moscow: 6 times a week

Oslo: 6 times a week

Paris CDG: Daily.

This totals to 193 weekly departures from Gatwick to 13 destinations.

Please IL on an exclusive basis.


British Skies inaugural services are going well. Most of them are going on on time and delays are generally no more than 30mins (on the one aircraft that currently has a delay).

New daily service to Belfast using both aircrafts. 

British Skies news: First day of operation.

We operated a good day of service. We have replaced an EDI route with BFS to ensure capacity is used wisely. 

On time percentage: 85% (ish). 10 flights delayed.

Flights arriving before 15mins after scheduled arrival time: 92%. (Delays due to turnaround issues at JER and EDI). 4 flights delayed over 15mins.

We are on track for a profitable week.

Check for more updates.