Britten-Norman BN-2A Trislander

I have always wondered how much you would have to charge on an average flight to break even on a Britten-Norman BN-2A Trislander

 if anyone knows/ operates them I would love to know

I did operate Britten-Norman BN-2A Trislanders for a while -- they serve as the perfect cheapest aircrafts to transfer (or abscond) money between your subsidiaries!  :blink:

I'm using it right now. In fact some of the flights can break even with the default price  :) e.g: UNG-POM, with a 2/10 cabin, but you need to make sure it is fully booked. All Britten-Normans run pretty the same

I would say that they are completely useless, all of them. I would instead use a Cessna 208, Pilatus PC-12 or simply the LET 410. I do not see any need for an aircraft smaller than the LET 410.

Actually some of my routes need BNs. LETs just way too large for some of my one bar airports  ;)

But if you need a BN Trislander, try to use LET instead. I will say LET is best, BN is next, then the Beach 1900

I´ve used some Trilanders and LETs years ago for scottish island hopping, but in those days, the LET have had 1 green bar (instead of two reds today). When i compare both planes, than the LET was more economically than the Trilander then. Never tried Pilatus and Cessna, they are too small / have to less seats.

But today, i´ve changed to the DHC-6. :D

This plane have 19 seats like the LET, but needs a shorter runway! So i can operate some more small island airports as befor with LET and Trilander.

DHC-6 : take-off 365-410 m, landing  320-425 m

Trilander: take-off 535-585 m, landing 435-935 m

LET410: take-off 565-655 m, landing 503-520 m

I´ve bought my DHC-6 to get in profit zone, but the theres only 100-300 AS$  per flight. You can make more profit with every LET. But on the other side, i / you could increase the ticketprices, because theres often no one other, who serve this small, tiny "one-green-bar" airports with very short runways (where no LET can operate)  ;)

I use the Britten Norman's regularly so I would charge around 18As in order to break even .

Which passenger would like to board them?

They are so awfully old and unpopular.

Why would you use an 2A instead an LET?

BN has fewer seats, so it's easy to fill in.

and it gives you BN-2B/T options, which might be useful in some cases