Bromma - a new private servers starting 14.08

Dear All,

A new server called Bromma will be starting on the 14th of August. The configuration is as follows:

  • Number of holdings: 3 maximum

  • Starting capital: 100M per holding

  • Aircraft: Only produced before 2005

  • Nighttime Bans: Off

  • New ORS: Yes

  • Used Aircraft: Yes

  • Interlining between own holdings: Yes

  • Ground network: No

  • Slots: Double

  • IPOs: Yes

  • Markets open for investment: Yes

  • Demand: 50%

  • Dynamic turnaround: Yes

  • Outbidding in aircraft auction: Yes

  • Airlines Available: Only real world or historic

  • Number of players: 15 max

In case you are interested, please feel free to visit our discord for further information.

I am interested in joining your server there is still space available