Bug (General Settings)


I cannot update my Company Overview on the General Settings page. I update something, then click OK.

Settings saved appears but the settings are not changed and revert to what they were before.

Please fix the bug in the next update as it is a bit annoying. Thanks.

If it only happens to me, please let me know what my problem is as I can’t get it to work properly.



This is in reference to the company profile field, correct?

This is a known issue and I think I’ll to have a patch ready by tomorrow.

That would be great Martin. As I was having the same problem yesterday as well. Can you please tell us when you have uploaded the patch?


Keep an eye on the announcements forum, it should be posted there whenever the patch is going to be applied.

Uhm, there’s also a bug with the settings, those settings where you can change the logo… I want to change the text there and when I press ‘save’ it tells that it was successful but the text isn’t changed! I have this problem just on Croydon & Tempelhof. Nicosia works well.

I believe that’s the problem we’re talking about, it’s the "general settings" tab after all…?

Don’t know. It’s just not fixed an I thought there was a Patch ( which should have fixed all bugs in this topic but still there’s a bug.

Which game world are you in?

Croydon & Tempelhof.

These are simply not patched yet. I’m still trying to work out some final issues.