BUG REPORT new cabin editor

After you edit an already saved configuration, and click save, the editor gets stuck. You cannot do anything else after resaving, only option is to click somewhere else (e.g. Cabin Configurations link in the top bar). Also after saving (editing existing config and saving) you do not see the config diagram when the cabin editor freezes.

You can only edit a already saved configuration as long as it is not used  in an aircraft. For me it is not stuck but I can simply not change it. 

Try to create a brand new config, save it, then edit it (e.g. change FA) and save...it will get stuck.

For example,make new config with 0 additional FA. Save. Edit, change to 1 additional FA. It will get stuck. Now if you try to change FA to 0 or to 2, etc. or do anything else you won't be able...unless you go out of that config by clicking somewhere else and then editing back in. This is on Firefox.

I do see this in Chrome as well.

On a brand new configuration that isn’t installed on any plane, create and save the configuration, then adjust any of the dropdown boxes and save it again. The seat map goes blank and the ‘total seats’ ‘flight attendants’ and ‘utilized deck length’ calculations stop updating as you make changes. Attempting to save again while the seat map is blank ignores the changes you’ve made.

On an existing configuration that has been installed, the seat map goes blank if you adjust the extra flight attendants and click save, and is unresponsive to further FA adjustments.

please send an email to support@airlinesim.aero. add any screenshots or descriptions you might have. thank you.