Buy out of Tasman Air Network

Hi all. I am looking to sell my airline. It would be a shame to just liquidate it, after spending a lot of time on it.

Anyway I’m just about to start study on my masters degree so have no more time for this even though it is a great game. I am sure someone will get some fun out of trying to reorganize the airline to make it more profitable, as I have let it go by the wayside a bit as I haven’t had much time to go into the finer details of running the airline.

There are 37 aircraft in the fleet, and $65 million locked up in the balance sheet and I have currently served 2 million + passengers. I have 110700 shares offered for sale at $380 per share which is about a 10% discount to the current share price.

Overall it is an established, profitable airline with well established customer base in nz and australia. Buy now to get a great deal.