Buying an Aircraft off the market with credit

I am replacing the fleet and I found out 3 year plane at 78% value (lowest as it gets for AS owned planes) are good value for money. They have the same maintenance cost as a brand new plane bur much lower per trip cost based on the much lower lease rate compared to the brand new plane, and the age image impact is negligible.

I’m going to use my magic powers and necromance this thread…

I have 2 questions. What would the APR turn out to be on these purchase loans from the market? My current weekly rate is 1%…Also, what is the expected term of the loan? Is the game estimating 5 years, 10 years or longer?

The term of the loan is 260 weeks. I'm not quite sure how to work out APR, but some numbers...

On the cheapest E195 available on Stapleton right now...

Base Price: $23,697,066

Down Payment: $1,184,853

Instalment: $86,585

Your rate: 1%

Week 001: $22,425,628 owed: Instalment = $86,585 + Interest = $224,526 = $310,841

Week 101: $13,767,128 owed: Instalment = $86,585 + Interest = $137,671 = $224,256

Week 201: $05,108,628 owed: Instalment = $86,585 + Interest = $051,086 = $137,671


Yeah that is prohibitively expensive. I wish you could see a payment table before you click to buy.

? You can see the payment table before you click to buy or to lease. What are you not seeing?

Interest is going to change every week as less money is owed. You can work out what you will be paying fairly simply via an excel table

The order page is quite poor. You get very little information. For example a schedule of the delivery dates would be equally helpful, especially if you have already ordered the same type and deliveries will be delayed.

And it would be helpful to have an easier way out of a purchase on credit. I recently bid on an aircraft and must have touched the credit option instead of the leasing (on the phone). Since the airline is still small, options are limited, although luckily I’m big enough to not go bust.