cabin configuration settings of aircraft

Suppose I am looking at the seat loadings for one of my aircraft, and decide it might be worth changing the configuration. The problem is - how do I find out what the current configuration is?

At the moment it’s guesswork - on the Scheduled Flights page I can see how many max seats Y/C/F I have, then I open the Cabin Configuration page and search for a configuration with a matching number of seats - that’s assuming that the aircraft is not maxed out at maximum range - and of course it’s also possible that I have two configurations for this aircraft type with the same number of seats in Y/C/F, but different seat types and different numbers of flight attendants.

SO, my suggestion is very simple - each aircraft has a "settings" tab - just display the name of the current cabin configuration on this tab. In fact, why not go one further, and have an option to set cabin configuration from the settings tab?

Great suggestion! I would also like to support this as a feature request.

Dont really understand what you are saying exactly

Take a look at the fleet overview - there you have the maximum number

Is it really so common to have two or more cabin configurations with the same number ob Eco/Biz/First seats only different on the amount of F/A? If so, you should use the remark field in the fleet list.


I had exactly that problem with my first airline. And I would not be surprised that many new players fiddle with seats and flight attendants until they are satisfied with the result. You have to give very specific names to every cabin configuration, like “100Y+3 20C+1”. If you don’t work like this, you don’t know what cabin configuration you assign, nor what cabin configuration your planes have.