Can anybody else replicate this problem with ticket price tool

For me, ticket prices tool is not working properly.

I already wrote ticket to AS several days ago and besides the automatic system acknowledgement, AS has not replied to it at all so far. I am wondering if anybody else can replicate the same problem.

If you can test this with a spare plane, I would be grateful. You would need couple of minutes of your time, and a free plane (or space on a free plane).

If I have an existing route that is being flown already with a certain profile (let's call it profile P), and I create a new profile (profile X), and assign flights to new profile (X), the ticket prices tool does not work for new profile (X).

Error 1:

For example if I have a route flying for some time, A to B, with profile P.

I create profile X.

Assign profile X to new flight A to B.

Activate Schedule.

I even wait for flights to be booked into ORS.

I select in ticket prices tool to adjust price for A to B, using profile X.

Result: Error message saying “No affected route could be found for the price adjustment”

Error 2:

Second error is, that a route A to B that already has assigned profile X, if I make ticket price change for profile P in the ticket pricing tool, not only flights with profile P gets to be changed, but also routes with profile X. E.g I change cargo price for A to B in the pricing tool, using profile P, +10% over default price.

Result: Both flights with Profile P and Profile X get changed cargo price.

This is present only for routes that are already being flown.

Imagine that I open new route A to C (not yet flown), and open two flights, one with profile P and other one with profile X.

Here, the pricing tool works fine. If I decide to change price for profile P using the ticket price tool (e.g. adjust economy class price 10% over default), only profile P will be changed. If I decide to change profile X, same correct change happens, profile X gets changed with no problems (not affecting profile P). Again, this is ONLY on NEW routes that are not yet being flown.

If a route is ALREADY FLOWN with profile P, if I assign profile X to new flights, the system does not recognize this profile, and when changing price specifically for profile P in pricing tool, then both flights assigned to profile P and profile X change respective price at the same time (even though requesting only price change for profile P in the pricing tool). It's like the system considers even the new flights with Profile X assigned to them, that they have Profile P assigned to them.

Error 3:

(I was able to replicate this on two different servers)

Pricing tools adjusts incorrect service types (first, business, etc.) even when they are not selected

To replicate, do this between ORS updates so you are not affected by any ORS flight booking with incorrect price.

Preferably select a route with 1 or 2 flights so it is easier to "go back" if you have differentiated pricing.

Because this error is quite serious, write down pricing (if you have differentiated pricing for flights, different from default prices).

1) Go to route management and select the route

2) When route is selected, go to a specific flight

3) Change (raise) all prices for the flight (e.g. round up to the next hundred).

4) Then go to Ticket Price Tool by opening it in new tab

5) Select the particular route, and then select +10% over default for Economy class (checkbox).

6) You will see that the rates for this particular flight number have been: Increased 10% in economy, but reset to default for C, F and cargo

7) What just happened is that the system did "overwrite" your particular flight number price in C, F and cargo with the default price -- even though you are just changing a particular service class.

8) Try this also for business, first, etc. Whatever price you put in Y, C, F, cargo, it will get overwritten by route default.

Remember, you are selecting to change only 1 service class - that one gets adjusted properly by % you have selected in the pricing tool. But other classes of service get overwritten by the default route price for that class of service, even though those classes of service have not been selected (checkbox) in the ticket price tool.

9) Put your pricing for route and particular flights back to as it was before the test.

It is clear there is a serious problem with the ticket price tool.

First, it is not recognizing new service-on-board profile for newly booked flights on routes that are already flown and where certain existing onboard profile already exists.

Second, when you change prices in ticket prices tool for an existing profile, all flights including the ones with a different, newly created onboard profile, get changed.

Third, if you make pricing changes to a specific flight (e.g. you increased/decreased price in the route management for the particular flight) and you later use the ticket pricing tool, ALL of the prices you have selected on particular flights will get overwritten by route default prices the moment you use ticket prices tool, regardless of the fact of which service class price you change (so if you change C class price in ticket price tool, that one will get changed - this is logical because you are changing C for all flights, but also Y and F and cargo prices will get changed and overwritten by default route price). BEWARE OF USING TICKET PRICE TOOL if you have differentiated pricing for various flights.

I already wrote ticket to AS several days ago and besides the automatic system acknowledgement, AS has not replied to it at all so far. I am wondering if anybody else can replicate the same problem.

We are trying to figure out what the problem is with this. I'm sorry - but forgot to send you a short notice that we will need some more days.