Can not buy a aircraft!

Hi there,

I have trying to buy the Tupolev TU-204-100C or the 120C, with a result of a error page of some kind.

It says something about a JAVA error page with many codes on it - does anyone else have those probs?....

Thank you in advance.. :)


Error confirmed

Seems to be only on Tupolev 100C/120C because I was not able to replicate it on other models (other models purchased fine on credit).

Selected Lender contribution 90%.

Tpolev 100C and 120C only, normal version 100 and 120 (without C) works fine on credit.


Had just checked again - still impossible to lease the aircraft.


I do hope that they will fix it soon as possible!! ^_^ 


There's apparently data missing for these models. Will fix this later today.

Should be fixed now.