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This week is a major milestone in Canada Airway's relative short history. After extensive research we have decided to open our first Trans-Atlantic crossing with Daily flights to the Old Colonial owner France, specifically the nation's Capital Paris/Charles De Gaulle airport. 


This departure time allows less than 2 hour connection from our domestic arrivals from Toronto, Calgary & Edmonton. The arrival time provides onward connections to Toronto, Quebec, St Johns, Moncton & Halifax.

Whilst there is huge VFR and Business traffic between the two French speaking cities, our close interlining partnerships are providing a large % of connecting passengers, warranting us to research possibilities of increasing capacity with the introduction of a larger aircraft than our B757-300 aircraft which seats 155 Voyageur  and 20 Lie Flat Affaires Seats.

Calgary Hub Launched!!!

Also this week, we have decided to start operations from a second hub. We felt we needed to provide connections to western Canada and discovered that Calgary would be our best option. We have based on 1 MD83 at the airport to provide daily connections to Vancouver, Edmonton & Fort McMurray. We have timed the flights to offer seamless connections to/from our trans Canada flights from Montreal.

We currently Montreal's leading carrier operating 196 weekly flights to 11 Destinations across Canada, USA & France.





Canada Airways Flying you the Canadian Way


hmmm the logo looks very familiar to me ;)

That Air Canada uses maple leaf as part of logo / brand, should not matter, maple leaf is national symbol of Canada, so should not be restricted.

No - didn't mean that ... but have an airline on some game worlds in Canada too and the logo itself and the used red are looking very familiar ;)

Apologies SK I designed this on paint going off the Rouge colour red. Do I need to change it?

No problem ... it doesn't matter ;)