Canada-Europe flights by U.S. based airline

On the Tempelhof server I found an airline based in the U.S. flying many routes from St.Johns (YYT) in Canada and Kangerlussuaq (SFJ) in Greenland/Denmark to destinations in Europe.

As I am new to the game I wanted to know how that is possible. My understanding was that any flight hosted by an U.S. based company requires to either start or land on U.S. soil.

Thanks for some clarification!

That is the case.
All pax on board either start or end their trips in the US. YYT etc. is transit only.

Btw, new to the game? I think I remember seeing your name not just recently on that server. Could be wrong though.


Was just wondering how this is for example possible then.

Ah sorry should have read your response. Now I get it - it’s only transferring passenger so no passengers boarding in YYT :slight_smile:

I have seen the YYT strategy a couple of times before. The use it to connect between the US and Europe.

He has a very interesting strategy. He has a couple of connection points in airports that are low demand. He uses them as a scissor hubs for transfer pax. I have been playing on Templehof for a while now and his strategy seems to be very effective.