Cancel flights??? Or Wait???

Hi everyone…

I have a new route from Athens to Copenhagen using a A320-200.

However the route is not looking profitable. The problem is that there are already about 10 return flights scheduled all with bookings.

My question is this:

a) should i just delete the schedule and wait until all the scheduled flights are complete, or

B) delete the schedule and cancel the flights so that i can schdeule a new route asap?


its a little dependable on the booking figures (at least in my opinion). If you have only very few passengers booked you better cancel the flights now, even if you have to pay compensation but for a few passengers I think its better since you loose otherwise with every flight much more. But if you have bookings of more then 60% or so you better calculate whats the best option … normaly I keep in that case the flights and cancel the shedule.