Cargo B1900 for sale

Hey guys I know there are several out there but I have a B1900 cargo version for sale from American Express. If you’re looking at purchasing a cargo plane please consider this one. They are great for short haul cargo routes but I’ve decided I don’t have the proper setup (ie location, network, etc) to actually run a cargo airline so I’m hoping to get rid of it. It’s for sale now and I believe it’s the newest one. Nice profitable little aircraft FYI.

Please![size="2"] I could really use that money.[/size]

I’ll sweeten the pot. If you buy it off me I’ll back in a week! I just made the mistake of getting in over my head and need the money to allocate elsewhere.

Don’t worry, AS will automatically buy the plane back if your contract is pre-signed after two weeks on the market.;)

Good to know but that’s such a while to wait