Cargo Center

How do Cargo Centers work?  Thanks!

Cargo centres function the same way as passenger terminals. If you plan to build one, then you need to determine the size of the building (in terms of passengers or cargo units per week), Passenger terminals have some additional options when building for luxury and convenience. Once the building is complete, then you need to reserve the terminal’s capacity for your use (this screen isn’t available unless you have a building already), and assign your flights to use the terminal from the station page.

Buildings are expensive, use the money for more aircraft instead. It isn’t worth it to save $11/passenger or $25/cargo when it costs hundreds of millions to build the terminal.

If you’re renting terminal space from another player, then you need to sign a handling contract. If you contract for 1000 passengers at $9, then you’ll pay $9000/week at a specific time. If you use the regular terminal, then you pay however passengers you actually have at $11, paid whenever a flight departs. The discount that you normally receive from signing a handling contract has to be balanced with the fact that you’re giving money to another player.

Gotcha. That helps a lot.  Thanks.

Then what about employees associated with cargo centers? I built one, but found still no station manager and ground handling employed.

Hello topic from six years ago.

You’ll never have a station manager employed until they’re implemented in the game. Cargo centres employ Cargo Controllers, which are a different category of employee from either station managers or ground handlers.