Cargo levels off on ALOT of airports

Was doing some research, and feeling that cargo bar levels at airports are off. I did Alabama and some of Alaska’s airports, and the data is all way off. Can someone explain? I can complete the Spreadsheet if people want me to.

Like BFM had 54m Lbs of Cargo Bar 1
DHN shows 144k Lbs of Cargo, Also Bar 1 for cargo

Both may of 2020, right off the BTS website.

Send your spreadsheet with links to support please.

Airline Cargo Levels.csv (1.2 KB)
Here is the link to the BTS data, Just click all airports then click on respective airport you want to view,%20NX:%20P411xrq%20P4rrx%20Nv42146&pn44vr4=SNPgf

This is still a work in progress and and still Triple Checking everything, I was seeing if someone know why it was, if this is a “Game just cant support this” or outdated data

May 2020, famous timestamp for reliable data

No but someone did bring up the fact SDF handles more than double CVG but is smaller in bars at some point.

You’re probably gonna need prepandemic data though if you can find it

I can Go back too, I just used 2020 and 2021 Data (Both Listed) But I Get your point. if i can automate the process I was going to get 5-10 year averages. Thanks for the input tho!

Generally speaking the bars are pretty off.
Examples for passengers:
Charlotte - CLT had 50.1 mil in 2019: 9 bars
San Francisco - SFO had 57.4 mil in 2019: 9 bars
Miami - MIA had 45.9 mil in 2019: 9 bars
Newark - EWR had 46.3 mil in 2019: 9 bars
Houston - IAH had 45.2 mil in 2019: 10 bars
All are peak values.
A complete overhaul to the passenger and freight bars would be very useful.


Most of the absolute demand values for the airports in AS are hopelessly outdated at the moment. In the past, @sk would sometimes take on the sisyphean task of going through all the 4000+ airports on a somewhat regular basis to update all the values. But this hasn’t happened in a while, partly of course due to it being utterly pointless during Covid. For the ASTD, we will require slightly different data, so a new large-scale research project is on the horizon. But in the meantime, we’ll try to update and fix whatever gets reported to us on a case-by-case basis. And if anyone’s interested in supporting the geo data team in a more continuous fashion, I am sure @lenana would be glad to hear from you :wink: