Cargo Question

I am new to this game world.   Previously I had a very large airline a couple years ago but many of the settings have been changed or upgraded in this game vs. what I was used to previously.

Can someone please explain to me the different cargo settings on the inventory page.   What is meant by bulk, avoid bulk, no cargo, no cargo and avoid bulk.

I have been getting good loads on my planes so the flights are still profitable but I just can't seem to get much cargo on my planes no matter how low I drop the price.   The price doesn't seem to effect the loads.   Would love to have higher prices on my cargo but it seems no matter how low a price I have set I can not get above 10% to 20% cargo on my planes.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions.

This game world is very interesting with the older planes being available to start out with!   A different twist on the previous game and I love it!

Ron / TransUSA

If you are a passenger airline you have to discount cargo really deep to get good ratings, for you to compete somehow with cargo companies.