Cargo with stopover


After around 10 years of playing, I finally started a cargo airline, and learning it the hard way.

I got a question about planning. I want to have a general route for cargo from A to B (both size 10 airports), but do not have a plane which can do it non-stop and no cheap options on the market. There is another size 10 © exactly halfway. That is perfectly suited to my planes available.
Would it be any difference in cargo flow between these 2 options:

  • Aircraft 1 - flying A to C. Aircraft 2 flying C to B, 1:15 time (minimal transfer) between arrival of 1 and departure of 2.
  • Both Aircraft 1 and Aircraft 2 fly with stopover in C, meaning A-C-B and back.


from a cargo flow perspective, it should not make a difference. Both options would count as a transfer connection in C. With option 2, you would get more ORS connections for the same route though, I guess (A1 to B1 and B2, A2 to B1 and B2 = four vs. one A1 to B1).

However, personally, I am not a big fan of such operation and, at least for me, never really turned out positively unless you are planning to build or have a hub in at least two of the three airports. I rather get an aircraft with higher range or build another hub connecting B.

Regards from one of your cargo “neighbors”.

I have a hub being built up in A, and consider doing that in B, too. I think I will make an experiment :wink: Use 4 identic planes and try doing the comparison :wink: I will let two fly A-C-B for my evening hub wave in A. I will let two other ones fly A-C and B-C to serve my morning wave in A. And then see, which pair performs better.

Looking forward seeing this in your schedule and what hides behind C and B then… :slight_smile:

Just wanted to set up this arrangement, and realized it is problematic due to night time ban in A… So I set up additional A-C C-B pair. I guess A and C are now easily visible in my route map, Narita - Anchorage - Memphis it is.

In fact, just added another 310 to the fray, this one flying to arrive at my day hub wave. It flies as one route MEM ANC NRT and goes on to INC in fact, then returns back.