CBE Airways


I have seen that the Stapleton forum is very dead and I would like to bring some life to it :).

In this topic I am just going to post stuff and facts about CBE Airways.

Third CBE:


The Third CBE is a brand of airlines by the Global Group of Indonesia. These airlines operate operations in 10 countries in six continents with plans to expand to over 12 countries in the close future. All CBE Airways are operated as one making up the third part of the trinity of operating companies which Global Group operates around the world. With the other two being Indo (Indonesia) and American (USA). The airlines of the CBE Group are:

  • CBE Argentina based in Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • CBE Caribbean (previously Panamericana Caribbean) based in Bridgetown, Barbados
  • CBE Dominican Republic based in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • CBE Georgia based in Tbilisi, Georgia
  • CBE Guatemala based in Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • CBE Lebanon based in Beirut, Lebanon
  • CBE Pacifica based in Honiara, Solomon Islands
  • CBE Pakistan (previously Panamericana Pakistan) based in Karachi, Pakistan
  • CBE Ukaraine (previously Panamericana Ukraine) based in Kiev, Ukraine
  • CBE Zambia based in Lusaka, Zambia

These CBE airlines where previously operated under the Panamericana brand but only CBE Carribeean was ever in the original Panamericana Group but was purchased by Global Group in May 2017. The only remaining Panamericana airline is Panamericana de Cosat Rica which is 32% owned by Global Group. Global Group is the successor of Panamericana still continuing the world renown Panamericana service. The decision to re brand from Panamericana to CBE came ultimately with the expansion into more continents than American where the Panamericana brand which is very linked to the American continent did not work. The Panamericana brand is also somewhat competing with the American brand on the American continent thereby ti was decided that it would terminated and replaced by the CBE branding which at the time was not in use. All CBE Airlines are interconnected within the CBE World Wide alliance which is an alliance allied with Unity Skies solely for CBE Airlines. Some CBE Airlines work very closely with other Global Group entities such as American, American Hiawatha Airlines and IndoSky. All CBE Airliens are very interconnected and are operated as one carrier although some regional adaptations are made to better suit the host nation. Crew can change between CBE Airliens with only one week training different from the one month of training to change between other Global Group entities such as from American to Indo.   

Second CBE: 


The new CBE Airways was founded in November 2016 and is based in the UK with currently London Heathrow and London Gatwick as hubs, CBE Airways also has a subsidiary called The British Trans Atlantic Air Company which offer trans continental flights. Go to page two for more details.

First CBE:

Founded in October 2014 headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.

So CBE Airways is a airline based in Sweden but our market is the entire Scandinavia. We are quite a new airline that has just existed for around 3 weeks. We have at this moment a fleet of 28 aircraft (12 Saab 2000, 11 Saab 340B Plus and 5 LET). Exactly at this moment we are working whit getting jets to fly to the entire europe, this meens sadly that the LETs will one after one be returned as I at this moment have no route were they totally fit. I am also curently working on naming our aircraft, the Saabs will have names of well known Scandinavian people and the LETs will have names of Scandinavian animals (moose, wolf, bear, elk, fox). I will be writing here every month or something just to give some life to this forum :).



CBE Airways has been launching our European routes flying whit 2 CRJ 900 and 2 CRJ 700. We have routes from GOT to almost all major airports in Europe, flying by the new iLUX concept (standing for Infinite Luxury and Confort). We are slowly shuting down all international routes from NYO (not Finland and Poland). Also we have done abit of future planning. It has resulted that the CEO Christian has gone to Montreal to sign a contract for 20 Bombardier C100 and 20 Bombardier C300 whit opsions for 20 more of each type. These aircraft together whit the Bombardier CRJ 900 and CRJ 700 will form the international fleet of CBE Airways. The Saab will form our regional fleet whit help by some CRJ 700 in the future. The European system should be done by second half of 2016 when the C300 arrives. 


We are now a proud member of Unity Skies and we are looking forward for a long membership. 

At this moment CBE Airways is really in need of interlings in UK (not just LHR) and small airports in Poland.



This will be about interlining whit CBE Airways.

CBE Airways interlines just exclusively. I will check your airline before I sign anything and because it is an exlusive interlining I will not do interling whit 2 airlines based at the same hub. Also I might end an iterlining if someone in Unity Skies wants so and I will always do interlinings whit Unity Skies members before any other airline. Please when you send me an interling contract please write a small letter saying why you want to interline whit me and what our coolaporation will be in the future. You can write in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, English, Roumanian and Moldavian. I will be able to answer back in all the same language. 

I say this because in the last time I have been getting lots of useless interlings from new airlines which none of us needed an interlining and we did not have any connections between each others countries.


CBE Airways whiches you a Happy 2015!

2014 has been the year of a new era in Scandinavian aviation called CBE Airways and the iLUX concept. We have carried 250,000 passagers during our 51 days of active service. We are looking forward for 2015 and our goal is to have carried 10 million passagers by the end of 2015, this will meen that we will carry more then the population of Sweden. 

Also we are thinking that 2015 will be the year when CBE Airways MINI will start, the exact details of the operation are secrete and just being shared whit our closest partners.

Happy new year!!!


We have comited that by the end of 2015 we will fly long haul routes. We will also open CBE International Terminals both in GOT and ARN to support our long haul network but also to make GOT and ARN world wide hubs for Unity Skies Aliance. We will offer all Medium and Long haul routes from a CBE International Terminal. The CBE International Terminals will also offer all Unity Skies Memebers a 50% discount for there long and medium haul flights, and for our closest partners it will be totally free to fly to and from The CBE International Terminal.

Our future Medium and long haul fleet will consist of Boeing 737-900ER HGW. We are not sure about the large long haul fleet yet but we have been getting offers from both Boeing and Airbus:

Boeing offer:

Different 787 Dreamliners and some time in 2016 there will be 747-8 Intercontinental

Airbus offer:

Different A350s. They also suggested a fleet of A350-800 based in GOT and A350-800/900/1000 based in ARN.

Well we are still not sure abou the performance for the new A350s and 787s so our choice will wait, but for sure there will be some in the end of 2015. 

We have been taking the world´s best architect for the CBE International Terminals called Santiago Calatrava. He is working on it and he has come whit a secrete brief idea. We are planning that the condstruction will start in February this year but we are not 100% sure. Anyway both terminals will be done by the end of 2015 if there are not any delais whit the construction. 

We are still building our domestic network whit Saabs and we take every Saab we see on the market. We have said that by the end of the year there will be C series and ATRs joining the fleet. We have been in Montral again to sign orders for CRJ 200 and 700 aircraft and also CRJ 1000 but the CRJ 1000 will come at the same time whit the C series.

Our plan fot the future is having ATRs, CRJs and Saabs Under the CBE Airways Regional brand and having C series, and long/medium haul option flying whit the CBE Airways brand.

Today has been a giant step forward for Scandinvaian Aviation. Today CBE Airways, the airline of the Scandinavian people extended it´s fleet  to 71 aircraft. The aditional 2 CRJ jets will add the total CRJ fleet to 6 aircraft. The CEO Christian also stated in a press meating today: "Scandinavian aviation is in a new era and CBE Airways is ruleing this new era, because to keep up to the new era we have been aquiering the most advanced aircraft avialible and we will do a total rebranding for our entire fleet. We will have new logo and new livery and we will have aircraft painted totally in Unity Skies livery. We will do everything we can to revolutionise Scandinavian aviation forever." 

CBE Airways will have a totally new livrery and logo in the future, also aircraft will be painted in Unity Skies livery. We will keep the Swedish butterfly and the vine red colour but you will see much more...


CBE Airways today is very sad after a very happy day. We are very sorry but we want to announce that flights will be triped down from NYO and BMA. Flights will never totally stop but they will go down whit a high amount untill just the basic routes are left.

After reading this passagers might be very sad, but your favorite airline is still flying the routes from Stockholm and from the largest airport in Sweden, Stockholm Arlanda airport and some might even soon depart from the CBE International Terminal. All destinations flown from BMA and NYO will soon depart from ARN whit new fresh painted aircraft and some even new seats, but still whit the famous iLUX staff, seats and food. Many of the routes will also be flown by brand new jet aircraft which never could land and takeoff from BMA, but many still by the loved Saab whit Scandinavian quality.

Here is one of the last flights flown from OSD to BMA whit a Saab 2000 by CBE Airways.


But you will see new flights to OSD from ARN...

Here is one of the newly acquired Saab 2000s flying from Eindhoven to GOT to be painted in our new livery and then to start commercial service from ARN or GOT.


Is she not very beautiful?


By now we have desided to make 2 new livrerys painted on 2 different aircraft.

First of all we decided painting a #JeSiuseCharlie on one of our CRJ 200 and we have decided painting a "rising of butterfly wings" on a CRJ 900 flying all day GOT-ARN. 

CBE Airways has not rised the wings of the CBE butterfly yet and our livrery represents this by having drawings of different stages when the pupa rises their wings as a butterfly. When the wings have rised CBE Airways will be the leading airline of Scandinavia and will never close them again.

Here you can see the butterfly that will never close. On the new logo it is located on the tail.

Sorry that I can not show the logo for some reson. AS team could you please fix it.

Today maybe has been one of the days when most important things for the future of CBE Airways happend.

First of all the CEO was in Geneva to meet the CEO of Air Geneva to discuss the future collaboration together for both of the companies.

In a press conference after this meeting both of the CEOs said that CBE Airways will fly in Prague but also as a surprise they said that CBE Airways will operate as Air Geneva Regional in France so together they should take over France and be the leading airlines on all larger airports in France. They decided to start this collaboration in Nice and Toulouse and move to the rest of France. CBE Airways (Air Geneva Regional) will fly mainly to smaller destinations in France, Spain and Italy and Air Geneva will also add more flights to the larger airports in these countries.

The CBE Airways aircraft will be repainted and get new interiors that are more similar to Air Geneva´s but still look and feel like the CBE iLUX ones. Hopefully we will be the largest airlines in France and Unity Skies the largest alliance in France. 

This does not meen at all that Scandinavian operations from GOT and ARN will stop. They will continiue to grow at the same speed as before and will grow whit newer and more modern aircraft. 

At this moment CBE Airways is the largest employer this week in France and will need very many french speaking crew members to serve french costumers Scandinavian iLUX service.

Flights from Nice will start on the 21th of January this year and when the summer season comes we will be the perfect airline to fly to the beach or the huge variarity of expos whit us.

Here is a travel video of Nice.


Here is a travel documentary of the French Riviera.


CBE Airways



After the success flying for Air Geneva from Nice. CBE Airways has decided to fly for Air Geneva from Toulouse too. 

Toulouse is the city where Airbus Industries has it's HQ and assembles most of their planes. Flights from Toulouse will fly regional to some focus countries but also to some other destinations that work well.

Focus regions of Toulouse:




United Kingdom

North African countries

Focus regions of Nice:







Eastern European countries

Flights between Nice and Toulouse is served by Air Geneva 5x Daily.

Planes will still be flown with Scandinavian registration and names and but will fly with Air Geneva Regional livery and seating. Service will be same kind of structure but different dishes and very much Provence style. 

We fly with Scandinavian pilots but we have French flight attendants and French ground crew. Supervisors and managers employed by CBE Airways will be Scandinavian and should have worked at atleast 1 other CBE station just to assure you a CBE iLUX service and highest quality, for example the new manager for CBE Airways (AGR) has before been the manager of NYO. Because this is a shared operation there are some managers from Air Geneva too.

We will guarantee the same service and safety as before...

CBE Airways Regional, Your regional carrier over the entire Europe in iLUX.

CBE Airways will launch CBE Airways Regional, which will be the regional airline of Europe flying Saabs an CRJ.

After all this delay CBE Airways may be canceling the orders for the Bombardier C Series aircraft and may instead turn to Airbus A320 or Boeing 737 instead of waiting, the performance will do it all. 


Preparations are being made for the launch of Scandinavian Air. Scandinavian Air will be the future of CBE Airways and will slowly but stadly take over operations from CBE Airways together whit it´s sister company Scandinavian Regional. SA and SR will together be the leading airlines of Scandinavian and will help us take out all competitors. 

Future fleet of SA:


Bombardier CS 100, CS 300

Boeing 737 MAX

Long haul option

SA will use 737s untill the CS and NEOs come into production, and will start operations whit 2 737-700 and 1 737-600 compleatly new from the factory. 

Future fleet of SR:



SR will slowly take over operations from CBE Airways untill CBE Airways will just have the Saabs left.

They will be proud members of the Unity Skies Aliance.

SA will fly whit a concept called SiLUX which meens Super Infinite Luxury and Confort. SR will have some planes whit SiLUX but most of them will fly whit the normal iLUX. 

CBE Airways will continiue flying Saabs both in Scandinavia and in France for Air Geneva. 

Statment by the CEO:

CBE Airways is the leading airline of Scandinavia but together whit these new airlines and whit Unity Skies´s members we will be unbeatable and will be the one and only airlines group in Scandinavia. Soon our first aircraft will arive and will start service, all aircraft will be compleatly new to help us beat or competitors and make Unity Skies the dominating aliance of Scandinavia. 

At this moment we are the fastest growing airline in Scandinavia but in the future we will be the only growing airline in Scandinavia and we will be ready for low AGEX and high fuel prices and watching our competitors go under. We are CBE Group we are the future. A Aircraft will never last more then 2.5 years flying for Scandinavian and all aircraft will be returned after 2,5 years and will be replaced whit new brand new aircraft just to be what the competitors are not, Said the CEO. 

Here is a video whit the Bombardier C series:


Here is the Boeing 737 MAX:


A very big part was today hold when the first Scandinavian Air A321 roled out of the Airbus Hamburg factory. It has room for 112 passagers 16 in Buisness and 96 in plus class. All Plus passagers have recliner seats and all buisness passagers have flatbeds. This aircraft 6x daily on the GOT to ARN and ARN to GOT.


The CEO has opened a new holding and airline named Malaysia Air, but CBE Airways still exists.

Malaysia air has alredy been reported and ofcource I am compleatly fine whit you reporting me as I do not cheat anyway but because all airlines so far have had a huge sucess and giant profits (Malaysia Air is soon beting the profit margin record of CBE Airways) does not meen I am cheating at all. AirlineSim is all about trial and error untill you individually develop a strategy. Well I am sorry if you feeö like I am taking your passagers at double the ticket prices, but that does not meen I am cheating not at all.

If you want help or advice from me to help you develop your strategy I am perfectly fine whit helping you. I will not compleatly mentor you as it will take out all the fun of the game to just jump over the challanges.


Frequently airlines get reported because of name, so take it easy :) Malaysia Air = similar to Malaysia Airlines

I would bet 99% that's the case, and it "IS" very close to real airline name so if I was you I would start thinking of a new name

Asian Airways have been quite easy on competitors (only took out 4 of them) but after the CEO got abit angry when he was scheduling the Black Sparrow and he had a problem whit the slots he will now go alitle bit harder on competitors. 

We are very sorry for the competitors going down and do not take it personally, the only thing the CEO wants are the slots and he would like to keep the competitors but as they are using slots they can not stay for the infinitely expanding Asian Airways.

Asian is not cheating at all it is just a good CEO and very much experience and liking to take risks.

Sadly CBE Airways has been liquidated and Air Sweden went down whit it.

But a new chapter in high luxury aviation has just started Asian Airways.

It is one year since CBE Airways started operations. Now days our Unity partner Montecristo Airways (subsidiary of Air Geneva) has filled to void left when CBE Airways ended operation. Montecristo Airways has since acquired being acquired by Air Geneva in september 2014 expanded rapidly and has today operations all over Europe. 

Malaysian today still has a strong business relationship with Air Geneva and has very close cooperation with Air Geneva.

CBE Airways is back! More details to follow...

CBE Airways will start cautiously this time and as this time the CEO has a large influence being a crucial leasing customer to many leasing companies he has decided to face them of against each other before in offering the best deal for CBE. CBE Airways is also requesting to be sponsored by lessor. If you are willing to provide a modern aircraft for lease for 3 months under for under 30% of normal price please contact me. If so CBE and Indo will be assured customers.