Change Service Profile

Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, I was not able to find it anywhere.

When I started my airline, I created a service profile and thought this would be applied to my flights by default. I now notice that it has not. Is there any way to edit a flight and add the service profile, without canceling the entire flight and creating a new one? Some airports have few slots, and trying to go through every flight, canceling and then reschedule new ones is an enormous task. There should be a way to edit, even if it’s with a 3 days delay, and add a service profile. If there is, can anyone tell me how?

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Just go into route management, select a route, and scroll down. You should be able to change the service settings there, at the right. They’ll be applied for all newly booked flights.

I created a service profile, but when I try to change it under flight management I get no options, other than "no service profile"

Maybe you added some service with a minimum flight distance and your flight does not match this requirement?


if you checked "extra meal" on your service profile - meals that are only provided on routes over X kilometer - then that service profile will only be visible on routes over X kilometer.

You better make different service profiles… one for domestic flights, one for flights over 800 kilometer and one for flights over 1500 kilometer. And make sure you don’t add these extra meals on your shorter routes ;)


Very good. I finally made it work. Thank you for all your help.