Changing names

Hello! I have a question. I currently have an airline in Nicosia and it is starting to become more profitable, however I’ve seen that the market in my country is kinda limited and I’ve also noticed that their is an airline that has ceased operations in a neighboring country. So I’m thinking in maybe trying to start a second base in their capital city. Well although I can easily do that, the name of my airline is kinda of restrictive towards my country. So what I want to ask is, is there anyway for me to change my airline’s name without me restarting my airline. More specifically could someone, like a developer change it if I asked? Or am I stuck with my current name?


you can ask support to change the name of your airline.

However, you better make sure you have traffic rights in that neighbouring country before you ask support to change the name and before you move your hub. Perhaps you can tell us where your airline is currently based, and where you want to establish your new hub.


Well its inside Europe so I’m sure that I can start a second hub there when I have enough capital. Thanks for replying sobelair.