Changing the Flight Plan

I just made adjustments to the flight plans of two planes and I would like to confirm whether or not I did it correctly. 

  • My first step was to delete the existing flight plans for each aircraft. I did not cancel the flights in route planning--am I correct in my understanding that the flights that have already been booked will still fly, ending after three days?
  • I then created the new flight plans, after which I activated them with the three-day delay. 
  • If my understanding of the sequence of events is correct--after three days, the planes will switch from their current flight plan to the new one (the new flights originate from the same airports as in the previous flight plans).

So...did I do this right? :unsure: Thanks in advance for any input!

In general YES but in my experience I always check that the final landing fits with the first departure according to the new schedule. That´s for your own safety to prevent the unhappy situation that your aicraft is not at the correct airport.


One additional step I took was to cancel all flights from July 26 onward (the new plan takes effect on the 26th). I also made sure that the last flights for each plane under the old plan ended at the correct airports and with enough time for the new flights to start.

Thanks for your quick response! I am relieved that I seem to have gotten it right this time.