Checking Profitability on Long Routes


I was using the Aircraft Type Evaluation tool to check profitability of a few routes and I came across a problem. If I was to check the profitability of a very long route such as LHR-SYD, would it be possible to check that with a via? I was just wondering which stop would be most profitable. Is there any way to do this?


No, there’s no way to do it. Your fuel costs and proportion of the weekly leasing costs depend on the length of the individual sectors. Assuming you aren’t headquartered somewhere in between the two points, you also don’t have traffic rights for the second leg of your 1-stop flight, so your only source of revenues is the passengers transferring from the first leg. You can estimate costs as the sum of LHR-midpoint and midpoint-SYD expenses.

Demand and passenger bookings occurs entirely within the ORS, which is a separate system from the ATE tool. There’s no way to predict if you’ll receive any bookings at all.


    You can try direct flight using 787-8. You may transport 270 passengers without cargo. That is all tickets can be sold out if you put better seats.