Christmas meet-up 2011 - Salzburg

This will be the general English thread for planning and announcements ahead of the upcoming christmas meet-up in Salzburg!

Te meet-up will take place in Salzburg (Austria) on December the 17th 2011.

Abstract in English: The christmas meet-up is traditionaly a non-aviation meet-up. Coming together on a cold pre-christmas day drinking hot (and alcoholic ;) ) drinks and talking about everything (even airlinesim), this meet-up is a event to come with your wife/husband whatever.

Important: We are aware that the event takes place in Austria and as such the predominant share of visitors will stem from German-speaking countries. Please don’t let this keep you from handing in your contribution! There will be plenty of fans around who are fluent in English and we will be glad to host international guests! If you still worry about the language barrier, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

If you want to participate, please don’t forget to sign up HERE.Please provide us your arrival (day, time and flight no.) and if you stay over night the hotel you booked.

Not sure to come? Read our Agenda for this years christmas meet-up in Salzburg on Saturday the 17th 2011: HERE

Want to sign-up too? Please do this with providing us your arrival (day, time and flight no.) and if you stay over night the hotel you booked HERE

I’ll be in Salzburg, but only for 30mins, make sure you wave at the Tyrolean Q400!

with the Q400 Tyrolean Airways flight number OS 917 I’m on 17 Dec in Salzburg

That’s the one, I’ll be flying OS917 & 918, if your interested ask the cabin attendants if you can see the flight deck