Christmas Meet-Up 2022: Sign-Up Available Now!

After enjoying a trip around Frankfurt with you as part of our anniversary event, we’re excited to announce that we’re also planning a Christmas meet-up! This time, we’re moving the festivities to Stuttgart

Event Program

The event will be held on Saturday, 17 December 2022. We’re starting off with a guided tour around the building site at Stuttgart central station, which will be provided by the ITS (InfoTurmStuttgart). The tour will introduce us to the current progress of the project and provide us with a panoramic view of the construction site.

Next, we’ll have a chance to warm up over some hot beverages and snacks at the city’s Christmas market, where we’ll spend the afternoon. For dinner, we’re heading to the restaurant Amadeus, which offers both international dishes and regional classics.

The final stop of the event will be the television tower, where we’ll have a lovely view of the city at night.

Eventbrite Sign-Up

If you’re interested in coming to the event, please make sure to register until 9 December 2022 via our eventbrite form, where you’ll also find all the details regarding the planned schedule and meeting spots.

This time, we’re offering two types of tickets: A paid ticket for 15€, which you’ll need to book if you’d like to take part in the tour, and a free ticket for those who prefer to join us afterwards.

As the group size is limited, we can only offer 19 spots for the tour. If you booked the free ticket, we’ll meet you at around 1:15 - 1:30 pm in front of the InfoTurmStuttgart.

Any questions?

Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding the event or the sign-up process. You can reach us on Twitter, Facebook, Discord, via support or just here in the comments :slight_smile: Hope to see you again soon!

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