Cities In Motion 2

Dear player's ,

hopefully some guys of you are playing Cim². I created allready a nice map of the german area "Ruhrgebiet".

Maybe you want to try this map. And i just want to know what you are think about this brandnew game.

My Map:

Best Regards


kein bock grad auf englisch zu schreiben <_<

wie findest du cim 2? habs mir überlegt zu kaufen, hat aber grausame wertungen bekommen...

lohnt sichs?

I'll answer in English ;)

I think it's really worth it! True, it's a bit different from the first game, but I really enjoy it. Especially the multiplayer part - I've definitely spent more than half of my time with this game in multiplayer!

Maybe these two videos (in German) can be a help for you:

If you have some specific questions, just ask me.


I'll try the map soon!

Also die Möglichkeiten sind nahezu unbegrenzt in diesem Spiel. Die Handhabung zum Bau von U-Bahn ist natürlich nicht so toll und einige Sachen müssten noch gepatcht werden. Aber im Gegensatz zu CIM1 ein riesiger Sprung in die richtige Richtung. Fehlen nur noch die Details die in CIM1 vorhanden waren.

no one playing SimCity (2013) ??

No, didn't buy it and don't intend to. But I still own SimCity 4 and Cities XL 2011.

no one playing SimCity (2013) ??

Nope. It´s DRM contaminated. And you are forced to be connected to the internet to use it. --> No go!

Sim City is really bad :(

It's not bad, I think. But could be better.

Dear player's ,

hopefully some guys of you are playing Cim².

Hi. I was one of the beta testers, unfortunately have to say CiM2 sucks, big time.

Also, There is huge patch coming out for SimCity, tonight after 21 GMT. So it might work fine now.

The new patch wasn't good :( Still i'm frustated about this game.

I build the best map from german - community: 

Germany - Ruhrgebiet V3.2

and a small project:

UAE - Dubai V1.0

And my new project:

Germany - Dusseldorf V0.3

(On file-upload klick on the small "download" button to load this map!!!!)