Close of Russian Airspace for New Worlds like Quimby as Solidarity to Ukriane

AS should block the Russian Airspace in Solidarity for Ukraine in the next releases of the worlds.

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and how should this be programmed?

You could just ban Russia to all the currently banned countries.

Like banning flights from Isreal to Arab counties or city pairs
If there is a will there is a way :blush:

I get the purpose, I really do… but you’d be chopping off a major domestic market and be having no effect on anything going on in real life. So many things of this game are not supposed to simulate real life (and the game is better off for it to some degree), why just obliterate one of the major large size markets? What will this possibly do to public image? Nothing…

What about the players that have set up in Russia?

Additionally applying a patch to just do this when one will (hopefully) need to undo it soon is just a waste of resources on Simulogics aspect when there are other things on the table. Like trying to work freelance to cover the extreme hikes in utility bills and cost of living.

And the next world is best case last week of April.


Seems you believe that it will be over soon.

Just my opinion. This is a game and the world is on fire. AS. Gas prices are going up like in the RL. So there is a correlation. What to do for players in Russia. Adapt!! The world and all players should not look away of this.

I just canceled an airline because i was using russian planes. I heve terminated all flights to russia on an other airline. And when in RL the turkish airline will terminate all flights to Russia.
Yes its a game but i take it seriously.

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Well you do that. That’s fine , your choice. But don’t impose your own choice upon others.


I will. Just dont be blind whats going on in the world. This was hits all of us.

I don’t unfortunately think it’ll be over soon, but it won’t be hopefully enough long to justify closing an entire market and bleeding dry years old conglomerates that people have put thousands of hours of leisure time in, just because of some petty war in 2022.

My LETs are hemorrhaging money, my fuel costs are at an all time high in game and IRL.
Unfortunately there are very little people that are still naïve to this situation (now what they know and don’t is highly dependent but I doubt too many people have not heard of this whatsoever especially global citizens such as the ones playing this game) so I would advise not to use such rhetoric.

Crude went up 50% this past week alone so the fuel price next Friday I am expecting to be absolutely terrible. I am just glad to be able to operate bigger planes and replace some of the LET but in markets where this is not justified, but what about the FI markets that need your 10-20 seaters? That makes expanding in this game even less fun when one crowds out their market. And then we get into the discussion of stagnating playerbase of which I won’t expand further, because I know you’ve been here a while and know of the issues.

The correlations in fuel are other issues I have, we have realistic (when updated) jet fuel prices but completely unrealistic fuel consumption which has been a known problem and on the hypothetical todo list since 2013 at least? Someone explain that one to me! Please!

While I don’t agree with a lot of your takes, Rubio, I agree with this one. I personally use this game as some sort of escape from the shitty world we live in, especially for the people whom have to deal with this as their job on a daily basis. In that I know I’m not the only one. I think that sometimes a parallel world is what we need. But that’s of course not an opinion shared by anyone, as clearly documented in this thread.


We have never and likely won’t ever do “short-term” adjustments to the geography in AS. A good example for this, which happens to be related to the current situation, is Crimea: While in reality, it has been a de facto part of Russia since 2014, in the game it is still firmly Ukrainian. These things sometimes take a very long time to settle and sometimes even flip back. So we tend to wait until things are “official” before we follow up in the game.

And we most obviously won’t do such a change for the sole purpose of symbolism. It wouldn’t help anyone affected by the conflict, but it would force a large-scale operational change on players of a strategic/tactical simulation game.

On the latter note: We are looking into the above-average fuel price fluctuations we’re seeing right now and how these could and/or should be addressed. I am open for suggestions here (but likely better to open a separate thread for that).


I don’t get what getting rid of you Sukhoi Superjets in a game will help the Ukrainians fighting or fleeing for their lives. If that gives you peace of mind then do whatever floats your boat, it just doesn’t float mine.

Regarding the fuel price. Raise it to real world levels. A challenge is always fun.


What is the problem with those fuel prices? If they go up they go up, it’s the same for everyone. Or is there a more fundamental problem I am unaware of?

A couple of airlines might go bankrupt or at least fall on hard times. Especially those operating old planes and regional jets. It will also be a lot harder for new players who already have very slim profit margins or who might not know how to fill an A321NEO.

I am all for it. Love a realistic challenge.

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Yes it’s the same for everyone. As Christian says, the margins suck.

But it’s not all about learning how to fill the Q, but rather some markets are not able to do so in most cases. Sure, challenge for the experienced players, but stagnating new player growth.

It’s unfortunately one of those dilemmas where you have to find the magical balance which you can’t. Make it easier or make it harder.


In reality, airlines have the ability to hedge against (too) rapidly changing fuel/oil prices and they have a lot of smart people doing that

Since this mechanism does not exist in Airlinesim (for obvious reasons), I would at least suggest a limit on possible price increases/decreases, so that also fast changes are flattened and players can react without needing a lot of money or RL time at once

whether it’s a challenge or not depends a lot on the server situation (already collapsing demand?) and also on whether the airlines maintain (almost) local monopolies and thus achiving higher margins or whether the airlines are sitting on piles of cash on old servers and so on

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In the game we already have additional time to change. The in-game fuel prices already lag behind real world. So, we already know that fuel prices are going to go up. And my main point is, it is the same for everyone. If you can’t maintain profitability with the expected fuel prices, increase your ticket prices. If others don’t do the same they either go bankrupt or they have a better airline with higher margins. Either way is fair.

On old game world airline sit on large piles of cash, so they can try and wait it out. But that’s a similar situation for most of the airlines on that server. On new server like the just opened Quimby all airlines have to adjust, and again it’s the same for every airline on that server. It might not be fun for everyone, but it is fair.

In the game we already have additional time to change. The in-game fuel prices already lag behind real world.

So how long is that lag? Depending on when airlinesim updating prices or what? Whats the real life reference on those prices, is recent data available for everyone? This is nowhere explained, isn’t it? We are probably talking about +30% fuel price vs week before, easily more possible. And i repeat myself saying real life airlines have financial tools to handle that.

At the end of the day it’s still a game (and thus using real life fuel prices and fictional economy is not the greatest idea tbh). Can you imagine people have different things to to that to watch real life aircraft fuel prices in advance and regarding news and try to adjust prices in expectation the price change might last?

On new server like the just opened Quimby all airlines have to adjust, and again it’s the same for every airline on that server.

Sure on new servers you have small airlines to manage and plenty of demand and thus often good margins even if you don’t do immediately.

Don’t understand me wrong, i don’t complain about hard game or something. For example i have already benefited greatly from the disappearance of other airlines and using the opportunities, i think. And if I have to leave at some point, so be it had a lot of fun. But it should not be a “reallife time to win” game or people who knows inside stuff or something. That’s why i suggested limiting such unexpected changes or average them out or something. This still maintains difficulty if prices remain.


Back in 2020 fuel prices in real and in AS dropped realy low, like almost free. There was no reason back then to change the system even though there had been some discussions about the low prices and players complaining that the low prices were having negative effects on their business model. Now that prices are rising we get the same in reverse. Those who built airlines with better fuel economy in mind might be profiting and those that have older aircraft might see their margins drop to about or bellow 0% if they don’t act. I do expect the game not to be changed just because another group now has to take the pain.

Either there should be a very well thought out decision to remove the correlation between real world fuel prices and in game fuel prices. And I expect that proces to take some time. Or it should stay as it is. But taking a hasty decision to manipulate the system is not something I would do and I would see it as a manipulation of competition and a big dent in the idea of fair gameplay as players who planned with the idea that fuel prices might soar at some point are just disregarden, they have to suck it up that their strategy turns out to be correct, but they get no benefits of it because the game is manipulated.

So, I’m not opposed to changing how real world fuel prices are translated to in game fuel prices. But that choice needs to be made in a well thought out way and preferably only be applied to new gameworlds so players can change their strategy accordingly.

And perhaps the solution would be to allow hedging against fuel prices. But again, this should preferably be introduced to new gameworlds only.


well, there are servers with only newer types of aircrafts so the choice is very limited

After a delay(?) in updating prices, it was decided yesterday (10.03.) to go with rl prices and set the price date to Tuesday (08.03.)? Seems a bit “strange”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: