Collapsing business demand

Dears, a few weeks ago, I experienced a catastrophic drop in demand for the business class on my flights, especially on long haul. It came within a day, but I did not change anything that could explain that. In my Alliance, there are also others with the same experience, all over the world. At first, I thought there might be a big other Airline that made her flights very cheap in C, but as this seems to be happening everywhere and not only in Europe, I’m wondering if this is a software glitch on AS side? It does not seem to be the usual decrease when more Aircraft are entering the market, because economy class seems not to be affected.
Do you have similar problems? BR Nils

Agex falling might be the case also on this world.

Same here. I even started switching some of my fleet to an all Y class. Business just doesn’t work right now.

Maybe AS team is playing around with demand? Back in the day it was off limits to change demand in existing public worlds but who knows what’s going on nowadays.

Or some update to AGEX affects C class way more than Y. Realistically it makes sense. In real life recessions C class always is more affected than Y class.

I find it weird that only C is hurt for most of us, though. F still does just fine.