Comac C919 delivery today

In Chinese -

Delivery to MU is planned today. Registration B-919A , will be very interesting to use in game

I am guessing getting information for this airliner is difficult ?

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First revenue flight March 2023.

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Looking forward to see it in the game very soon

China Eastern will not operate C919. All 5+15 aircrafts are to be transferred to its designated daughter airline One Two Three (OTT) airlines.

Just to bring this thread back to the front. Any idea, if and when the type will be adopted in AS? Have there been any announcements? I haven’t played in a while, so I’m not up to date.


I don’t think so. Though we are most certainly overdue for a patch :slight_smile:

Definitely shows up on the list for the next data patch. But said patch has no release date yet.


First commercial flight done - looking forward to seeing it in game, any ETA?

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