Commercial theft also enters this game

incredible. Commercial theft also enters this game. You pay for a new plane and you are notified after payment that you will receive it after a period. Nowhere is this detail specified in advance…but the leasing works…Theft on the face.

what exactly is your problem? Is there anything you like in AS? If not, why don’t you just stop playing this simulation?
And to make it clear - of course you can see when you can expect a new plane built in advance. Each plane type indicates exatly this on the information page.


Game’s handbook can be your best friend.


Did you read the first message you get when you start a new world? it tells you about your starting capita and then when you go to lease a plane there’s this message at the top " When you choose the leasing option, you are able to order up to _ aircraft of this type as part of the Immediate Delivery Program. Your remaining IDP budget stands at 10,000,000 AS$ right now". (I haven’t bought any new planes yet in this world). Also when you click on the planes they give you this message in its information “Production rate 1 / 21h” That’s any plane in the A320 family for example. That means 1 plane is made every 21 hours after your IDP budget runs out. It only counts for your planes ordered though not the whole community (I think its for the whole maintenance category as I usually buy all my new planes from the same subtype of aircraft at a time so I haven’t tried to by like a A319 and 321 at the same time). .

In worlds with Used and New planes you can bid on used planes and once the auction is over you immediate take over the plane at its current location with no seats or pilots. If you lease a new plane it comes from the manufactures plant the same way with no seats and no pilots. Also if the Used plane hasn’t been leased before its stored at the leasing headquarters which is Toronto Pearson (YYZ) in Canada.

Also a recommendation for the future you can ask questions about game information without accusing the developers of Theft in the game or real life. Usually its just a miscommunication on someone’s side. And I recommend taking a look at the new player handbook, the discord, this form or some old YouTube videos out there from other players. To get a better understanding of how the game works as its different from other airline sim games.

FYI I’m not affiliated or have any connection to Airlinesim. I am just an avid player who enjoys the game.


Just wanna clarify one thing.

The aircraft get built by production lines, not by maintenance categories. You can have production lines producing simultaneously. The lines usually align with the aircraft families, with the two main exceptions: the 737 and the 32X.

The 737-600 and 737-700 are made in Renton, whereas 737-100 thru -500 (if aplicable) and the 737-800/900/MAX are made in Seattle Boeing. You can be building a 737-700 and a 737-800 in parlalel, since they built in two different lines. The lines are also per person - so even if competition has 50 other planes on order there, the only planes that count towards the x hours per plane are those of yours. Pretty sure it’s split by holding though I’m not 100% sure on that, usually don’t delve into multi holding servers myself.

the 320 and 320neo are made in Toulouse whereas the 318/319/319neo/321/321neo are made in Finkenwerder.

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That good information. I forgot some planes are made from multiple factories. I tend to use regional planes in my company when playing on Current type worlds. Otto is the first Used Current type server I played on so its the first time I used narrow-bodied instead of regionals.

The handbook is wrong in this point. Aircraft like e.g. a DO228 are delivered 3 hours after the order has been placed and for a e.g. TU204 you will need 144 hours to have it available.

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