Condition & Maintenance

Is the 2 hour minimum downtime for maintenance still true for Quimby?  


I setup my first 2 schedules for a pair of DH4's allowing the minimum 2 hours for maintenance.  When I activated the schedules I noticed there were no blue spaces showing that maintenance was taking place.  I didn't think much of it thinking that the new graphics was different.  I setup another 2 schedules for my 73G's and the blue spacing showed up for them.  


Even though I allowed the minimum time for maintenance on the DH4's it didn't show on the activated schedule.  And now the condition as gone below 50%.

So my questions, I'm wondering how come?  Is there a bug or something?

When the condition goes up to an acceptable level will the flights stop being canceled or will I have to step in and do something.

I have already changed the schedules to allow more than 2 hours and the blue does show up after activation.

The minimum maintenance time is 2hrs from end of turnaround after landing to next departure take-off time, not from touchdown to take off time. maybe check you have a minima of 2 hours or 2 hours and 1 minute there to be safe

You need atleast 130% maintence ratio split evenly on all days. This is refering to Amethyst Engineering.

You need atleast 5 hours of maintence all together everyday.

This is abslutely not correct. Your minimum maintenance time per day will depend on:

- age of the aircraft

- aircraft type

- number of segments per day

- "usage time" per day which includes turnaround times.


A32X, 4 segments, 100.1% MR, 3 hours 38 minutes maintenance

A32X, 4 segments, 100.4% MR, 3 hours 4 minutes maintenance

A32X, 8 segments, 100.4% MR, 2 hours 51 minutes + 2 hours 23 minutes maintenance

A32X, 4 segments, 100.9% MR, 3 hours 6 minutes maintenance

A32X, 4 segments, 100.9% MR, 3 hours 2 minutes maintenance

A32X, 6 segments, 101.2% MR, 2 hours 11 minutes + 2 hours 1 minute maintenance