Condor Aviation Leasing Enterprise

[right]Santiago de Chile

October 2011[/right]

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Condor Aviation Leasing Enterprise is the new inhouse department of Australis Airlines, the Flag Carrier of Chile and South America’s first airline for passengers transported and freight carried.

Australis Airlines’ board decided to broaden its field of operations by entering the leasing market, and thanks to its proven knowledge and expertise in the aviation business it knows that having the right plane at the right time, and most important of all, at the right price, is a fundamental factor for an Airline and its development strategy, and that’s our aim, to provide our customers the airplanes they need for their expansion.

Services to be provided:

Operating leases:

For airlines interested in aircraft on operating leases, we will maintain a portfolio featuring an array of aircraft types. The benefits of an operating lease are:

  • Lower cash outlays to preserve working capital;
  • Fleet flexibility to introduce new routes or aircraft types;
  • Flexibility to increase or reduce capacity quickly;
  • No residual value risk.

Purchase and lease back:

On a smaller basis, we will also provide a unique feature, the purchase and lease back option, so that our customers could free up capital, while maintaining their right to use the plane through immediate lease back. The cash proceeds can then be used by the customer as deemed appropriate: paying down debt, enhancing liquidity and improving the capital.


Leasing requests:[/b]

For any leasing request, please reply in this thread, it will be evaluated and eventually an agreement could be reached.