Confirmation When Deleting Unused Flight Numbers

I can't stand accidentally clicking delete unused flight numbers instead of create new flight number. I can't tell you how many times this has happened and it drives me mad. I'd please ask that there be a confirmation before deleting all unused flight numbers. 

Please absolutely not. Why would anyone want that? What's the issue with deleting unused flight numbers? It's not like you are losing a revenue. I for example use delete unused flight numbers feature a lot, if scheduling a flight does not go as planned to fit the flight plan or slots, and I need to use a different flight to different destination instead, it's a quick hope to new tab to delete the just-created-and-abandoned flight number, delete it, and start a new for different destination. I could not stand confirming a silly unused flight number deletion. There is enough confirmations confirming confirmations and reconfirming the confirmed reconfirmations in Airlinesim that a line has to be drawn somewhere between a reasonably useful confirmation (like deleting an enterprise) and pointless confirmations like flight number deletion which causes absolutely no harm.