Connections not showing on ORS

Hey everyone,

I’m having an issue with connections not appearing on ORS despite being visible on the Scheduling tab. This is mostly happening with my KEF-LAX flight (#30), so I’m wondering if it has something to do with the setup of this specific flight. I have 13 inbound working connections, but only seem to be able to find one on the ORS - and it happens to be the only one operated by the same aircraft. I attached a screenshot of the Scheduling tab to make it easier.

World is Bleriot, airline Polaris.

Any idea what could be going on?

I can’t access the ORS on that world (not playing there myself) but the connections do seem to be working and obvious problems like maximal permitted mileage don’t seem to apply here.

Have you looked at subsequent pages of the ORS? Maybe the rating just isn’t that great? There would presumably be loads of LHR-LAX, VIE-LAX, MAD-LAX etc. connections being offered in your game world.