Connexus Logos


OK guys, as you requested i have given it a go.

Firstly Mario - I have got 3 slightly different designs for you. If you want me to play about with them or want something changing id be happy to attempt it.


China Dynasty Airlines 1a.png
these are also available in:


Purple/Pink combo



China Dynasty Airlines 2a.png
these are also available in:

Orange/Brown combo

Purple/Pink combo

2 tone green


China Dynasty Airlines 3a.png
these are also available in:

2 tone green

Gold/Browne combo

Purple/Pink combo

Hope you like. 


Nathan: These have what I've come up with. Ive taken the symbol of an eagle as its the Spanish national bird


Espana Air 1a.png
Also available in:

2 tone Green

Gold/Brown combo

2 tone Purple


Espana Air 2a.png
also available in:

Purple/Pink/Grey combo

2 tone beige/Grey combo

Brown/Green/Grey combo


Espana Air 3a.png
also available in:

Red/Purple combo

Gold/Green combo

2 tone beige combo

Let me know what you think. I am also able to do a design where by the logo is the letter E and A together. Up to you


Love it! Thanks Stu!


Here you go Nathan. Given 2 options. One gives allows a difference between pax and cargo ops. Up to you though


Espana Air Cago 1a.png


Espana Air Cago 2a.png

again both are available in the colour options as stated in the first post.


Thank you very much Stuart!

Looks great, really!


Thank you very much Stuart!

Looks great, really!

Thank you for what? lol. Eric77? which airline do you operate?


Hi Paul. Your logos are done. I have 3 options to see if you like


Fly Nigeria 1a.png
a basic F for fly. 


Fly Nigeria 2a.png
A horse is in the Nigerian coat of arms


Fly Nigeria 3a.png
Eagle also in the coat of arms

Couldn't really do the national flower because of its shape. Doesn't really match with anything.

Also, if you want or would consider dropping the word 'fly' then Nigerian Airlines could be made larger. Not sure if this against any naming rules though. 

Let me know if you want anything changing


All of them are beautiful! I like the second one the most. The third one is also nice, though it reminds me of all 2nd World War games ;) 


All of them are beautiful! I like the second one the most. The third one is also nice, though it reminds me of all 2nd World War games ;)

Glad you like. And yes i an see the war games resemblance. lol


Hi Ben.... you're turn next


Kasbah Airlines 1a.png

I went with these because of the Half moon and star on the Tunisian flag. Also available in:

2 tone blue

Green/Brown combo

Pink/Purple combo


Kasbah Airlines 2a.png

Same reason as above. Available in:

2 tone blue

2 tone pink



Kasbah Airlines 3a.png

Picture of a mosque because of the Tunisian religion Available in:





Kasbah Airlines 4a.png

Just a simple lettering in case this was a more preferred option, Available in:

Off green



Hope you like


Here you go Nathan. For Seagull Airlines


Seagull Airlines 1a.png

An obvious Seagull. Available in


2 tone green

2 tone Browne

2 tone pink


Seagull Airlines 2a.png

Available in

2 tone green

Yellow/Orange combo

2 tone blue


Seagull Airlines 3a.png

Available in

2 tone blue

2 tone brown

2 tone green (more like an aqua colour)


Seagull Airlines 4a.png

Available in:

Blue/Grey combo

Gold/Browne combo

Pink/Purple combo

I've included more colour options here so as you can all see the different colours available. Also don't forget i can adapt them slightly so you get a layout more like my Tanzania Skies airline logo



Seagull Airlines 5a.png

any better?


or this one2227

Seagull Airlines 6a.png


Thank you Stuart for the work! They are really nice!


Thanks Stuart there brilliant! 


Stuart, you are really great.

All of the Logos are looking very good

Great work!

Thank you


Here you go BJ. Hope they are ok. If not feel free to let me know.


Airlink Algeria 1a.png

Available in:

2 tone blue

2 tone red

2 tone beige


Airlink Algeria 3a.png

Available in:

2 tone red

2 tone blue

2 tone orange


Airlink Algeria 5a.png

Available in:

Orange/Grey combo

Blue/Grey combo

Purple/Grey combo


They look fantastic! Thank you very much!


Manilan Airways Logos


Manilan Airways 1a.png


Manilan Airways 3a.png


Manilan Airways 5a.png


Manilan Airways 7a.png


Here's the basis of what I've put together for the Pride air group. I've given you the option of something else too but in keeping with your rainbow and black background.

The only thing that can really be done with your logo is changing the font of the text. Anyhow see what you think and let me know of any design changes you may want.


Pride Air 1a.png


Pride Air 2a.png


Pride Air 3a.png

Once the design has been picked, i will amend it to suit all your airlines