Constellation 3.0- - private Server

Hi together we will start Constellation server new if enough players are start with us:

Server configuration

  • Capital for start each Holding 20 Mio
  • No night bans
  • Dynamic turnaround times (DTA)
  • Interlining between own holdings are active
  • Traffic and ground networks are active
  • Single slots (if we need the option for double slots are possible)
  • Stockmarket active
  • Investment-open countries (list B)
  • used aircraft on market at beginn

the rules

  1. each Player can have up to 4 holdings
  2. each holding can have 2 Airlines (PAX) + 1 investment open Country, 1 Cargo and 1 service
  3. maximum 2 Holdings on european continent
  4. original Airlinenames are welcome
  5. slotblocking is not allowed flight to the same destination should be max. 3 per hour
  6. every player can only overtake 2 Airlines by stockmarket
  7. dumpingsprices are not allowed (minimum is 85% of standardprice)
  8. up to the 01.09.2021 Airlines only fly from there Hubs (every Airline have 1 Hub, in USA 2 Hubs)
  9. up to the 01.10.2021 Airlines only fly from there Hub-Countries
    the payment
  10. the actual payment is 18 to 20 ā‚¬ each month, or per quarter 50 to 55 ā‚¬

if you will play with us please write me an PN

We are currently 11 players and want to start as soon as possible. If you want to play with us, please contact me

we are just about to start there are still places available

We start on May 28th, 2021 there are still places left, currently no hubs have been assigned yet whoever is fast gets the chance to get 100% of his favorite hubs

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3 free places who will come with us very good hubs are free start on 28.5.
please contact me

We started today and we still have free places an immediate start is possible.
If you are interested, please contact me

we play now 1 week and have free places on good Hubs.
If you are interested, please contact me

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im interested in joining

Hi we still have 4 places available who would like to join us?
there are still good hubs such as MAD available

Sure Iā€™d love to join!

i have send you an private post :slight_smile:

we have still free places and starting ist possible on same day if you want :slight_smile:

I would like to Join

i have send you an private PN

we have new free places like VIE, HND, MUC, MAD if someone will play on our world please contact me thx

we have free Hubs MAD, VIE, HND, MUC, IAD, Jakarta

we have still free places actual free Hubs:
MAD, VIE, MUC, IAD, and much more

Hi, we are now starting the 4th month and we have free places if you are interested, please contact me :slight_smile:

Hello, everyone,

For new players there is a larger starting budget per holding, so you have the chance of fair competition against the existing players.
the LHR hub will become free, other good hubs are available, please let me know if you want to play.

I would like to join.